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Riku Replica

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Riku Replica
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"Both my body and my heart are fake. But...there is one memory I'll keep...even if it's just a lie! Whether it was a phantom promise or not... I will protect Naminé!"

The Riku Replica is a prototype replica created by Vexen in Castle Oblivion. It was created based on data that Organization XIII had acquired on Riku, with fake memories implanted by Naminé.

Story[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit | edit source]

While fighting Heartless in the Dark World, Riku ends up being entirely consumed by a Demon Tower. Within the darkness of the shadowy enemy, a disembodied voice calls to Riku and asks why he's here. Riku responds that someone needs him and then asks who the voice is. As Riku fades into defeat against the encroaching darkness, the mysterious voice identifies itself as Riku Replica. Once saved and back on the Dark Margin, Riku discovers his Keyblade, Way to the Dawn, was shattered in the fight. Before he and King Mickey take their leave from the world, Riku sticks his shattered Keyblade into the sand, explaining it'd better serve the "other" him, much to Mickey's shock and confusion.[1]

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