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Nameless Star

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Nameless Star
First Appearance
[[]] (???)
"Here you are on the brink, and yet you hold on to who you are. You possess a strong sense of purpose. And in that purpose you will find direction."
Nameless StarKingdom Hearts III

The Nameless Star is the heart of a girl whose has perished and lost her form. She is from a world on the other side.

She persists in The Final World, waiting for someone else whose heart has been replaced with another's.

Story[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit | edit source]

While in The Final World, Sora comes across the heart of a girl who asks how he's able to retain his appearance. After explaining that he didn't know, Sora asks who she is, and she explains that she's lost everything. She then explains that she awaits for someone whose heart has been replaced, but would seek her out should he regain himself. Sora encourages her to believe, to her surprise, and she reveals that neither Heartless nor Nobody had harmed her. She then encourages Sora to face the challenges that are before him, reminding him that he has a strong sense of purpose to guide him. Motivated, Sora prepares to leave, and offers to notify the person of whom she speaks of should Sora find him. She then whispers the name to him, to Sora's surprise, and insists it's their secret.

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory[edit | edit source]

The Fairy Godmother takes Riku and Kairi to The Final World, where they search for the Nameless Star. When they find her, the Fairy Godmother explains that she's from the other side, and can lead them to that world, where they believe Sora is located. On hearing of Sora, the Nameless Star offers to help, explaining that Sora had spoken to her before and encouraged her to believe. Riku explains that he's been dreaming of a city with tall buildings, believing that Sora is located there. She explains that the city with the tallest skyscrapers she knows of is a place called Quadratum, and Riku is then able to use her to open a portal there.

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