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Quadratum is a location in a world of unreality. It is a large city with tall buildings.

Story[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory[edit | edit source]

While searching for clues to Sora's whereabouts, the Fairy Godmother takes Riku and Kairi to the Final World, where they meet the heart of a girl who had met Sora during his time in the Final World. The Fairy Godmother suggests that she can open a path to the world of the unnamed girl, and Riku mentions that they believe Sora is in a city with tall buildings, based on his recent dreams. On hearing the description of the location, the unnamed girl states that the only place she knows with tall buildings is Quadratum, and Riku opens a portal to that location to continue his search for Sora.

Kingdom Hearts IV[edit | edit source]

Sora awakens in Quadratum after seven days and meets Strelitzia, who explains that the world is something like an afterworld for both of them.

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