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First Appearance
[[]] (???)
"A lot has changed over time, but there's always been one constant in my life—you."

Strelitzia was a Keyblade wielder and Dandelion chosen by Ava to be a Union leader following the Keyblade War. However, sometime before the Keyblade War, she was struck down. She was Lauriam's younger sister.

Story[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit | edit source]

Between Kingdom Hearts Union χ and Kingdom Hearts IV[edit | edit source]

Strelitzia arrived in Quadratum sometime after her apparent demise in Daybreak Town.

Kingdom Hearts IV[edit | edit source]

Strelitzia arrives to find Sora awake in Quadratum, explaining that he'd been asleep for the seven days since he'd arrived. She explains that Quadratum is like an afterworld for both Sora and herself.

Design and Development[edit | edit source]

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