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Toy Story (1995)

Woody is a cowboy doll from Toy Box in Kingdom Hearts III. He is from the 1995 Disney/Pixar film Toy Story.

Story[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit | edit source]

Design and Development[edit | edit source]

Woody is a vintage pull-string cowboy doll. His arms, body, and legs are stitched together and stuffed, while his face, hands, and boots are of a plastic-like material. His shirt is a yellow with a red plaid pattern, which he wears with a vest with a cowhide design and a red bandana around his neck and tied in the back. He has a gold-colored star pinned to the right side of his vest labeled "SHERIFF". He also wears a pair of denim pants, a brown belt with gold-colored buckle, and an empty holster on his left. His boots are also brown with gold-colored spurs. Woody also wears his brown cowboy hat.

Woody, along with Buzz Lightyear, was intended to appear as a summon in Kingdom Hearts II, and an untextured model for him has been found in the game's source code. It's unknown exactly how his summon would have worked. Series director Tetsuya Nomura has clarified that although his model was found in the game's code, development never truly began, as the assets were created as part of a presentation to Disney, which was rejected.[1]

Origin[edit | edit source]

Sheriff Woody Pride[2] is the leader of the toys in Disney and Pixar's popular film franchise Toy Story. In the 1995 original film, Woody is Andy Davis's favorite toy until he is replaced by the space-themed action figure Buzz Lightyear. This creates tension between him and Buzz. In an attempt to take back his place as Andy's favorite, Woody accidentally knocks Buzz out through a window just as Andy is to leave for a restaurant, causing Andy to take Woody instead. However, Buzz catches the car as its leaving, and later confronts Woody, causing them both to be left behind. The two later arrive at the Pizza Planet restaurant in an attempt to find Andy, but Buzz gets them trapped by Sid Phillips, the Davis's neighbor who destroys toys for fun. Despite his efforts, it's only when Woody begins to accept Buzz as a friend and fellow toy of Andy's that the two are able to escape Sid's house and avoid being destroyed, as well as catch up to Andy as he and his family move away.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. - "Kingdom Hearts 3: intervista esclusiva a Tetsuya Nomura": Nomura: "People thought that the idea of a Toy Story world was an end-stage thing because of the stuff found in the code. However, it is not like that: we prepared those assets just to show them to Disney, in case something could have been made, but we were soon given a no answer, without further motivations."
  2. Lee Unkrich - Twitter: "Woody's actual full name is "Woody Pride", and has been since the earliest days of developing the original Toy Story."
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