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King Mickey Mouse

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King Mickey Mouse
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Mikkī Mausu
Voice Actors
Wayne Allwine (KH-358)
Bret Iwan (BBS-KHIII)
First Appearance
"There will always be a door to the light."
King MickeyKingdom Hearts II

King Mickey Mouse, often referred to as The King, Your Majesty, or King Mickey, is the king of Disney Castle, and a Keyblade Master in the Kingdom Hearts series. He is originally from Walt Disney's 1928 cartoon "Steamboat Willie".

Story[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Hearts χ[edit | edit source]

Through the Book of Prophecies, King Mickey's power is channeled to create various cards used by Keyblade wielders in the period before the Keyblade War.

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit | edit source]

King Mickey's power had been channeled through the Book of Prophecies to create various medals used by the Dandelions in the period after the Keyblade War.

King Mickey, Chip, and Dale use the Star Shard to travel in search of Donald Duck and Goofy, and end up in Daybreak Town. Mickey then meets and rescues a Keyblade wielder, who explains that both Donald and Goofy's Gummi ship had been destroyed, and that they're rebuilding it. King Mickey then thanks the Keyblade wielder for helping Donald and Goofy, and has Chip and Dale help in repairing the ship. As they leave, Mickey is left to wonder if something other than the Star Shard brought him to Daybreak Town.[1]

After the Keyblade wielder helps Chip and Dale repair the ship, King Mickey, along with Chip, Dale, Donald, and Goofy, board the Gummi Ship and return to their world.[2]

Before Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit | edit source]

Long before wielding the Keyblade, Mickey Mouse worked as a deck hand on a riverboat under Pete.

At some point, Mickey learns about the Keyblade and begins to train under Master Yen Sid, who takes him in as an apprentice. Sometime after he learned about the Keyblade, Mickey travels with Donald and Goofy to Country of the Musketeers to solve a problem, and the trio are assigned by Pete to be Princess Minnie's bodyguards. Though Pete makes the assignment because of Mickey's lack of qualifications as a musketeer and Pete's own plans to become king, Mickey and his friends successfully protect Minnie and foil Pete's plans. At some point after this, he becomes King of Disney Castle, with Minnie as his Queen.

At some other time, while training under Master Yen Sid, Mickey takes the Master's hat and begins to cast various magic spells in an effort to make his work easier. The spells, however, end up causing a flood in Yen Sid's tower.

During and after his training under Master Yen Sid, Mickey wields the Star Seeker Keyblade.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit | edit source]

Around the same time that both Terra and Aqua are preparing to take the Mark of Mastery Exam, King Mickey, accompanied by Donald and Goofy, returns to Mysterious Tower seeking guidance and additional training from Master Yen Sid. When he learns of the Unversed invading the worlds, he takes Master Yen Sid's Star Shard without his permission and seeks to use his Keyblade to resolve the issue.[3] However, knowing not how or when the Star Shard works, Mickey is hurled from world to world, seemingly at random. The Star Shard first takes him to the Keyblade Graveyard just as Ventus is about to be defeated by Vanitas, and steps in to help Ventus. After they both fend off Vanitas, the Star Shard takes both King Mickey and Ven to Radiant Garden, and Mickey runs off. He later teams up with Aqua in protecting four-year-old Kairi, and they both remark sensing a strong light in the young girl before Mickey is suddenly whisked away again by the Star Shard.

At some point, the Star Shard takes King Mickey to Neverland, where Vanitas ambushes and kidnaps him, taking him to the Keyblade Graveyard. When Ven learns of this, he tries to free Mickey, and they both are sucked into a vortex that leaves Mickey stranded in the Lanes Between, where Aqua later finds him. She takes him back to the Mysterious Tower. Once King Mickey recovers, he makes his way to the Keyblade Graveyard, where he helps Aqua defeat a Vanitas-controlled Ventus. After the fight and explosion from Terra's fight with Master Xehanort, Mickey takes Aqua and a now-comatose Ventus back to Mysterious Tower.

Sometime later, King Mickey returns his Keyblade to Master Yen Sid, feeling he had failed his goal and disappointed him. However, as Mickey begins to walk towards the door, Master Yen Sid walks to him and returns the Keyblade to him with a smile. Mickey happily takes the Keyblade and triumphantly holds it up in the air.

Between Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts[edit | edit source]

King Mickey is the first to recognize the threat the darkness posed on the worlds, and set out to investigate. Using material from meteors that had fallen as he worlds' barriers shattered, he built the Gummi Ship to travel in. His travels led him to Radiant Garden, where he met Ansem the Wise, with whom he became fast friends. The two rulers talked about a variety of subjects, including Ansem's recently-begun research on the heart. During one of their meetings, they are interrupted by one of Ansem's apprentices, Xehanort, who asks about proceeding on an experiment he had presented earlier. Sometime afterwards, King Mickey suggests Ansem review the research done in the basement lab he had previously built.

Sometime after King Mickey first travels in the Gummi Ship, he and Scrooge McDuck travelled together and planned to build a transit system.

Kingdom Hearts[edit | edit source]

King Mickey soon noticed stars were going out in the sky, and realized the worlds were now being consumed by the darkness. In an effort to stop the invasion, he set off in search of a way into the Realm of Darkness in order to acquire the Keyblade that would be needed to seal the Door to Darkness. He also left behind instructions for Donald and Goofy to look for the wielder of the Keyblade and follow him.

King Mickey is finally able to sneak into the Real of Darkness when a world is destroyed. During his quest for the Keyblade from the dark realm, he comes into contact with Riku who's body by then, is entirely under the control of Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness. He wonders to Riku if it was fate that allowed them to meet, and prepared him to help seal the Door to Darkness.

Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage[edit | edit source]

After sneaking in, King Mickey senses a familiar light, and follows it to find Aqua. He explains to her his purpose for being in the Realm of Darkness, revealing that it had been ten years since she had last seen them at Mysterious Tower, and that no one had seen Terra since the fight at the Keyblade Graveyard. Together, they make their way through the Dark World until they arrive at the dark remains of Destiny Islands. Realizing that the Islands were where both Sora and Riku had acquired the Keyblade, the King begin to search the Islands for the dark key, defeating the Demon Tide in the process. They find the Kingdom Key D Keyblade behind the door in the Secret Place, which also leads to the door to Kingdom Hearts. Mickey explains to Aqua that Sora will seal the door from the Realm of Light, while he will seal it from the Realm of Darkness, with Riku helping close the door. When they see Riku run past them towards the door, they begin to follow, only to be attacked by the Demon Tide again. Mickey helplessly watches as Aqua tries to contain the wave of Heartless, which ultimately pulls her back through the dooor back to the Islands.

Determined, he quickly gets up and seals the Door to Darkness, explaining to Sora that there will always be a Door to the Light, and thanking Donald and Goofy for their help.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit | edit source]

King Mickey and Riku are somehow separated shortly after sealing the Door to Darkness with Sora and company, and Riku awakens in the basement in Castle Oblivion alone. However, Mickey is able to regularly send some of his light to Riku's aide to protect him from Ansem, whose darkness still lingers within Riku. This manifests itself as the Mickey card for Riku to use in his battles.

King Mickey is finally able to arrive to Riku when Riku is on the Basement 3rd Floor, having arrived through a Corridor of Darkness, and gives Riku the Twilight Town World card. He then awaits Riku on the Basement 2nd Floor Exit Hall, glad to see that Riku chooses not to go to sleep. However, Riku tries to make King Mickey stay behind to allow him to face Ansem on his own. King Mickey refuses, promising instead to rescue Riku. Once Riku defeats Ansem, King Mickey rescues Riku from the darkness.

The two arrive at the entrance hall to Castle Oblivion, and King Mickey explains to Riku that his darkness is for him to control, expressing his interest in Riku's ability to control both his darkness and his light. As a token of their friendship, the King asks Riku to simply call him "Mickey".

Leaving Castle Oblivion, both Mickey and Riku begin to don the black coats of the Organization. Sometime later, Mickey and Riku part ways.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit | edit source]

Mickey reunites with Riku in the woods outside Twilight Town. Initially, as Riku had the appearance of Ansem, Mickey was about to fight him, but Riku soon put on his blindfold and reverted to his own appearance. Riku then explains to the King that the Organization had taken Sora's memories, and that he was to soon face one of their members in order to try and retrieve those memories. He then made King Mickey promise that he would guide and protect Sora, Donald, and Goofy when they wake up, unsure whether he would survive the fight himself, and that they wouldn't know what had happened to him.[4]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit | edit source]

As Sora awakens in Twilight Town, King Mickey arrives at the Station Plaza and begins searching for him. Sora, Donald, and Goofy learn about this from Pence and Olette, and when they arrive at the Station Plaza, they are rescued by the King from an assault of Nobodies. The King, however, only gives them a pouch of munny, which also contained a blue crystal, and told them to get on the same train he had gotten off from, before running off without another word.

King Mickey appears on occasion throughout Sora's journey to help him.

When visiting Disney Castle, Queen Minnie reveals to Sora that King Mickey had told her all about Sora in his letters to her. Later, while trying to save the Cornerstone of Light, Sora, Donald, and Goofy on multiple occasions believe to see King Mickey in Timeless River, though Mickey never utters a word to them.

King Mickey arrives in Hollow Bastion sometime shortly before the Heartless attempt to attack the town. After Sora, Donald, and Goofy return from Space Paranoids and restore Ansem the Wise's computer, the King reveals the true nature of both the Heartless going by the name of Ansem and the leader of Organization XIII. He also explains that Ansem the Wise would know about the Organization's plans, and joins Sora, Donald, and Goofy in defending Hollow Bastion and searching for both Kairi and Riku. Later, as they're about to face the Heartless threat, King Mickey orders Sora to go find Riku and Kairi, claiming that he, Leon, and the others would handle the situation in Hollow Bastion, but Sora, Donald, and Goofy disregard the King's orders. When King Mickey catches up to them, rather than scold or punish them, Mickey joins them again in fighting the battle. However, he is rescued from an attack from the Heartless, which instead injures and knocks Goofy out. Saddened and angered by the attack on his friend, King Mickey sheds the black coat he had been wearing and runs ahead to fight. King Mickey is later relieved when, after fighting his way down the Ravine Trail, Goofy catches up to them.

When they arrive in the Great Maw to face the hordes of Heartless, King Mickey is the one to recognize the leader of Organization XIII as the Nobody of Ansem the Wise's apprentice, Xehanort. After the Battle of 1000 Heartless, while Sora tries to confront the Organization's No. I about the location of both Kairi and Riku, King Mickey dives into the Corridor of Darkness as the leader of Organization XIII tries to leave.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy return to Twilight Town sometime later on account of a picture they received shortly after the Battle of 1000 Heartless. Hayner, Pence, and Olette, who are searching for Kairi, explain that they believe there is a second Twilight Town that the King is aware of, revealing that both the pouch of munny and the blue crystal the King had given them at the Station had to be duplicates of what are supposed to be unique items in Twilight Town. When they're then attacked by the Nobodies, the King arrives and helps defeat them. However, the King repeatedly tries to skirt whether or not he knows about the duplicate Twilight Town from Riku. King Mickey does, however, help the group find a way into Ansem the Wise's simulation of Twilight Town, believing that the simulation may be a back-door into the Organization's world. When they do make it through, the King runs ahead.

After they make it inside the Castle That Never Was, King Mickey runs ahead, searching for Ansem the Wise. He finds the hooded entity he knew as DiZ, under attack from various Nobodies, which the King promptly defeats. When DiZ removes the bands covering his face and reveals himself to the King as Ansem the Wise, the King asks why Ansem hadn't come to him sooner. Ansem then explains his anger with his apprentices, all of whom became founding members of the Organization, and his attempted plans for revenge. He reveals that Riku, now having taken the form of the Heartless Ansem after his fight with Roxas, was a victim of his revenge, and how he plans to make amends to him and the others who he has harmed as a result of his original research into the heart. King Mickey then accompanies him through the castle.

King Mickey and Ansem arrive at Naught's Approach, where they set up Ansem's device to encode Kingdom Hearts as data. Soon thereafter, however, the machine began to malfunction, and Ansem asks Mickey to allow whatever happens as a result of the malfunction to happen before the machine explodes. King Mickey, who hesitates on letting Ansem be harmed, has to be restrained by Riku, who had already caught up with Sora, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy. Mickey later respects the same level of heartfelt conviction Ansem held when Maleficent and Pete offer to hold the Heartless back while Sora and the others defeat Xemnas.

King Mickey joins Sora, Donald, Goofy, Kairi, and Riku in facing Xemnas in the Altar of Naught, and watches as Xemnas disappears within Kingdom Hearts. While he attempts to join the fight, both he and Kairi are shut out of Kingdom Hearts after narrowly missing a building thrown at them. King Mickey and Kairi later rejoin the others after defeating Xemnas the first time, but he, along with Kairi, Donald, and Goofy, are already through the Corridor of Darkness Naminé creates when Xemnas attacks again.

When Sora and Riku arrive at Destiny Islands after defeating Xemnas, King Mickey is there with Kairi, Donald, and Goofy.

Kingdom Hearts coded[edit | edit source]

After Jiminy Cricket alerts him of a mysterious message in his journal, King Mickey Mouse decides to digitize the journal to find the source of the message. Instead, bugs appear in the digitized journal, so King Mickey recruits a data version of Sora already inside the journal to fix the bugs.

While observing Sora's journey in Traverse Town, Heartless appear in Disney Castle. King Mickey defeats the Shadows, but he, Donald, Goofy, and Jiminy find they can't leave the library to check the rest of the castle. King Mickey decides that the only thing they can do is to repair the journal as quickly as possible.

While King Mickey continues to observe the repairing of the journal, Data-Sora suddenly breaks through the door to the Library. Then, the journal, taking the form of Riku, appears and explains that they are actually within the digital world of the journal already. The King then entrusts Sora to help finish debugging the journal, believing that the will be able to return to their world once the journal is repaired.

When Pete suddenly appears in the digital version of Olympus Coliseum, King Mickey instructs Data-Sora to chase after him, leading him to Agrabah. Later, King Mickey and Data-Riku go to help Data-Sora when Maleficent appears and destroys his digital Keyblade. Returning to the digital Disney Castle with Data-Sora, King Mickey decides to go to the final world, destroy the remaining bugs, and rescue Data-Riku, who had been captured by Maleficent. Once Data-Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrive in Hollow Bastion, they find King Mickey, who explains that the new Keyblade Data-Sora now had was from a power that made him more than the system. Together, they defeat the digital version of Sora's Heartless. Once Data-Sora rescues Data-Riku, the King, Donald, and Goofy are able to return to the real world.

Once they return, however, they get a message from Data-Riku explaining that there's new world that appeared, and King Mickey decides to go back inside the Datascape to help Sora explore it. He takes Sora to the digital version of Castle Oblivion and helps him through the castle until they arrive at the top and meet a digital version of Naminé, who explains that the bugs appeared because Naminé had taken apart and later restored Sora's memories the year before, and reveals that Terra, Ventus, Aqua, Axel, Roxas, Xion, and Naminé are all tied to the real Sora's heart.

Upon returning to Disney Castle, King Mickey writes a letter to Sora, Kairi, and Riku about the people tied to Sora's heart who need him.[5][6]

Sometime later, King Mickey reports to Master Yen Sid that they are close to finding Ventus's heart, leaving only Terra to be found. Master Yen Sid then reveals that with both Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness, and Xemnas defeated, Master Xehanort will return. He then has King Mickey summon Sora and Riku to show the Mark of Mastery.[7]

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit | edit source]

King Mickey oversees Sora and Riku's Mark of Mastery Exam with Master Yen Sid, Donald, and Goofy at the Mysterious Tower.

During the exam, Maleficent's Raven arrives at the tower with a note from Maleficent and Queen Minnie's crown, prompting him to return to Disney Castle with Donald and Goofy. Once there, they find Maleficent and Pete holding the Queen hostage and demanding King Mickey hand over Jiminy's Journal containing the data of the worlds. However, they're thwarted with Lea appears suddenly and blocks their attacks, distracting them long enough for Queen Minnie to escape. Giving up, Maleficent promises the King she will get her hands on the journal. With the duo now gone, the King then turns to Lea, and remarks how reckless his actions were, but thanks him for helping them out.

Having returned to the Mysterious Tower with Lea, the King is surprised, along with Donald, Goofy, and Master Yen Sid, when Lea requests to be taught to wield the Keyblade. King Mickey then begins to worry about Sora and Riku's whereabouts, and Yen Sid explains his suspicion that Master Xehanort knew about the Mark of Mastery before it began.[8]

Towards the end of the Mark of Mastery, Master Yen Sid and King Mickey discuss Lea's request, and whether Xehanort could have known about the Mark of Mastery. Upon figuring out that he could through Riku, King Mickey decides to depart for The World That Never Was to help Sora and Riku.[9] He shows up in Where Nothing Gathers just as Master Xehanort returns, and attempts to rescue Sora, but a Young Xehanort is able to stop them long enough for Master Xehanort to finally appear. Xehanort explains his past endeavors to create the χ-blade and summon Kingdom Hearts, during which King Mickey realizes that Maleficent's gathering of the Princesses of Light two years earlier had been part of Xehanort's plan. When Xehanort is about to plant a part of his heart inside a now-comatose Sora, King Mickey attempts to rescue him, but is pinned down by Xemnas. He is able to escape when Lea's sudden appearance and rescue of Sora distracts Xemnas. Ansem's guardian then captures both King Mickey and Riku, but they escape when Donald and Goofy suddenly fall out of the sky and hit the guardian. Xehanort then retreats with his new Organization XIII.[10]

Upon returning to the Mysterious Tower with both Sora and Riku, King Mickey expresses worry that Sora had lost his heart like Ventus had. However, Master Yen Sid explains that he can be awakened. Though King Mickey initially volunteers to dive into his heart to awaken him, he instead allows Riku to do so, and stays to wait for Riku's return.[11]

When Sora awakens and Riku returns and is named a Keyblade Master, King Mickey congratulates Riku.

Sometime later, Master Yen Sid discusses with King Mickey their next move, with Master Yen Sid explaining that if they don't gather their seven guardians of Light, then Xehanort will go after the Princesses of Light, to the King's dismay. Riku then appears with Kairi, surprising King Mickey as Master Yen Sid expresses gratitude that she has arrived to be trained to wield the Keyblade.[12]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit | edit source]

Riku travels with King Mickey through the Dark World in search of Aqua. Riku is surprised by how unfamiliar the area seems now that he is facing it confidently. Mickey notes that Riku has grown a lot since the last time he was here and that he has finally found the strength to protect what matters, which is helping to remove doubt and fear. Having walked for some time, Riku asks Mickey if he remembers anything about where they are, prompting Mickey to admit that the dark realm has changed since he was last there. Worried, Mickey explains that he used to rely on his connection with Aqua to find his way, but that is becoming hazy. Riku begins to fear that this is a sign for the worst, but Mickey insists that they can't give up hope, so the pair continue forward.[13]

Soon King Mickey and Riku arrive at the Dark Margin, where King Mickey notes Aqua's trail ends. Riku recognizes the beach as the same place where he and Sora found their way to the realm of light, and suggests that Aqua may have as well. Unfortunately, King Mickey explains that Aqua appears to have fallen even deeper into the darkness and they're not equipped to go after her. Before they can make further plans, they are suddenly surrounded by Shadow Heartless. To the pair's horror, the Shadows group together to take on the new form of a Demon Tower.[14] The pair are able to dispatch the Demon Tower, but are overwhelmed as more Shadows and another Tower appears. They are quickly surrounded and Riku ends up being entirely consumed by the Demon Tower. Alone, Mickey fights and defeats more than half the Heartless. Sensing the tide turning against them, the Heartless vanish, spitting out Riku in their wake.

Riku awakens, but the victory is bittersweet when he discovers his Keyblade, Way to the Dawn, has shattered in the fight. King Mickey notes they should have been more prepared, and suggests they return to The Mysterious Tower to regroup. Riku hesitates, wondering if Aqua is scared to be in the dark realm alone, but the King assures him that Aqua is as strong as Sora. Before they take their leave, Riku sticks his shattered Keyblade into the sand of the Dark Margin, explaining it'd better serve the "other" him, much to Mickey's shock and confusion.[15]

King Mickey and Riku return to The Mysterious Tower to find Sora, Donald, and Goofy already meeting with Master Yen Sid. Mickey and Riku share that they weren't able to locate Aqua, but Riku recalls how Sora was lost to darkness during his exam but Riku still saved him. Riku suggests that if they are able to find someone who is close with Aqua, that person might be able to travel into the abyss and find her. Mickey and Yen Sid ponder this option, but things seem grim as they realize that everyone Aqua was close with is gone. Suddenly, Sora exclaims that he will save Aqua, though when the group reacts with shock to this suggestion, Sora becomes confused and admits he is unsure why he offered. Still, the declaration was convincing, so Sora is told to continue on his search for the power of waking with the end goal of visiting the realm of darkness to save Aqua. While he does this, Mickey and Riku will travel elsewhere to see if they can find anyone else to help.

Before they depart, King Mickey reveals that both his and Riku's Keyblades are damaged. To this Yen Sid suggests they rendezvous with Kairi and Lea, who are training with Merlin, and then hands over two suitcases which contain darkness-shielding outfits that he would like Mickey and Riku to deliver to the trainees. The group follows with one final bow to the old Keyblade Master and then they all depart, Yen Sid wishing them well with an old saying as they go.[16]

In Twilight Town, Sora, Donald, and Goofy meet Scrooge McDuck, who is hosting a movie festival for the town. The films feature King Mickey partaking in various adventures. [17]

Development and Design[edit | edit source]

King Mickey Mouse is an anthropomorphic mouse with black fur, a long, black tail, and big, round ears. The fur around his face is of a cream color, and he has a round black nose on the tip of his snout.

In Kingdom Hearts, King Mickey is seen in only his trademark red shorts with two white buttons and round, yellow shoes.

In Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-, King Mickey wears a black shirt with a red trim on the sleeves and a black vest-like garment on top of his shirt with two gold buttons and a zipper. He also wears red shorts with two blue straps reaching from the waist to the hem of his shorts, curling them up. His shoes are a variation of his trademark yellow shoes, with two blue straps cris-crossing the top of each shoe.

After Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, King Mickey begins to wear a black coat similar in design to the one worn by Organization XIII, with the hood shaping to accommodate his round ears. He also dons black gloves and round, black shoes.

After discarding his Black Coat in Kingdom Hearts II, King Mickey wears a black and red zip-up shirt with two yellow straps below the collar. He also wears red shorts with yellow pockets, each one sporting a black strap from the top of the pocket. On either side of his legs on his shorts, there is a black strap reaching from the hem to about half-way up his shorts. There is also a zipper reaching from the bottom of both pockets to the bottom of his shorts. His shoes are mostly yellow-colored, with two orange straps on each shoe stretching from one side of his shoe to the other, cris-crossing on the tip of the shoe. In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, King Mickey wears a gray-scale version of these same clothes.

In Kingdom Hearts III, King Mickey wears a dark gray V-neck shirt, with a dark gray jacket over it. The lapels are buttoned-back to each side of his chest, and show the inside of the jacket is a lighter shade of gray. Each side of his jacket has a dark gray pocket with silver buttons, and a strip of dark and light gray plaid pattern adorns the bottom hem of his jacket. His shorts are red, with a belt, a black pocket on each leg similar to the ones on his jacket, and a darker plaid pattern along the bottom hem of his shorts. His round shoes are a brighter yellow, with laces and a black strap crossing diagonally from the inside heel to the outside of each shoe, and black soles.

With the exception of when he dons the Organization's coat, King Mickey always wears his trademark white gloves

Originally, Square Enix wanted Mickey to be the main protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series, while Disney wanted Donald Duck for the protagonist. Ultimately, series director Tetsuya Nomura chose to create a brand new character. In Sora's final design, however, there are still references to Mickey's clothing, such as his big yellow shoes, his red jumper shorts, and his white gloves.

Wayne Allwine, Mickey's voice actor of 32 years, including in the Kingdom Hearts series, passed away due to complications caused by diabetes on May 18, 2009. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days was his last performance, and the English versions of the game are dedicated to him. Upon Allwine's death, Bret Iwan began voicing Mickey Mouse, giving his first full performance of the character in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, and has voiced him since.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Mickey Mouse is an anthropomorphic mouse created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks, and premiered in the first ever Mickey Mouse cartoon "Steamboat Willie" on November 18, 1928. At the time, "Steamboat Willie" was the first cartoon in history with synchronized sound. Since his premiere, Mickey Mouse has become an international icon, and the Walt Disney Company, which was built around the initial success of "Steamboat Willie" and the various Mickey Mouse cartoons released afterwards, has become a renowned animation and entertainment company. Now ninety years since the release of "Steamboat Willie", Mickey Mouse remains the mascot of the Walt Disney Company.

References[edit | edit source]