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A Dwindling Trail

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"A Dwindling Trail" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts III. It shows Riku and King Mickey traversing the Dark World in search of Aqua.

Story[edit | edit source]

As Riku and King Mickey travel through the Dark World, Riku is surprised by how unfamiliar the area seems now that he is facing it confidently--a far stretch from the scared and doubtful person he was when he first visited the Realm of Darkness. Mickey notes that Riku has grown a lot since that time and that he has finally found the strength to protect what matters, which is helping to remove doubt and fear. Mickey's words remind Riku of a promise he once made, though he cannot remember who he made the promise to.

Having walked for some time, Riku asks Mickey if he remembers anything about where they are, prompting Mickey to admit that the dark realm has changed since he was last there. Worried, Mickey explains that he used to rely on his connection with Aqua to find his way, but that is becoming hazy. Riku begins to fear that this is a sign for the worst, but Mickey insists that they can't give up hope, so the pair continue forward.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Fade in on a top-down view of the cracked dark pillars of the Dark World. Cut to a pan across the ugly land as the Dark World logo plays out. The logo fades in a puff of smoke and Riku and King Mickey are revealed, small specks walking through the rocky terrain. Cut to a closer view as Riku slowly stops walking, Mickey leaving him behind for several steps before stopping and turning around.

King Mickey: "What's wrong, Riku? Are you tired? Do you need a break? We can stop."

Riku: "No, just... I've been here. I should know this place. But that all seems like another life."

Mickey walks back to Riku's side.

King Mickey: "Well, gee. Think of all you've seen! All the feelings you've felt. Why, you've done years of growin' in almost no time at all."

Riku looks down.

Riku: "I remember my first time here. I was so scared."

Riku sighs and lifts an arm to examine his hand.

Riku: "But now, my doubts and fears are gone."

He clenches his fist.

Riku: "If anything, I feel exhilarated."

He unclenches his hand and places it on his chest.

Riku: "And it's not because there's darkness in me—I know too well what that rush is like. This is different. And it's not adrenaline either. I know Aqua needs us...but I'm ready. I'm in control now."

He sighs a laugh.

Riku: "Maybe it's because you're with me this time."

Mickey hums disagreement and shakes his head.

King Mickey: "It's not me. I think it's because you've finally found inside you that special strength to protect what matters."

Riku: "What?"

King Mickey: "Sometimes you care so much for somebody that other feelings disappear. And then, there's no room for fear or doubt."

Riku smiles and lifts his hand to examine it again.

Riku: "Is that it?"

The screen fades to black. Fade back in on a hazily lit scene, a memory. Riku is a child, holding a Keyblade on the beach of Destiny Islands. Terra is kneeling across from him. The screen fades to black again, then returns to Riku in the present, still gazing at his hand.

Riku: ""Strength to protect what matters"..."

He clenches his fist, drops his arm, then shrugs.

Riku: "It reminds me of a promise I made."

King Mickey: "To who?"

Riku: "Just someone I once met. Can't tell."

King Mickey: "Sounds like a good memory."

Riku: "Yeah..."

Riku huffs a laugh.

Riku: "While we're reminiscing—Mickey, does any of this look familiar?"

King Mickey: "Sort of,"

The camera pans up, showcasing the tall rock pillars.

Riku: "but the realm of darkness has changed since I was here with Aqua."

Return to Riku, who looks side to side.

Riku: "Yeah, it's different from what I remember."

King Mickey: "Usually, I'd just follow my heart, and Aqua would show me the way."

Mickey turns and walks a few steps. He stops with his eyebrows furrowed.

King Mickey: "But the closer I get, the hazier our connection feels."

Riku: "You mean..."

Mickey's face relaxes and he turns to face Riku.

King Mickey: "Maybe, but we can't give up hope."

Riku nods.

Riku: "Yeah."

The pair starts walking again. The camera pans up and away as the screen fades to black.

Video[edit | edit source]

A Dwindling Trail

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