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KHDatabase:Media policy

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This Media policy sets standards for uploading files to and using files on the Kingdom Hearts Database. This policy helps us maintain media files organized and ensure that the files used on the Database are of appropriate quality for our articles.

Images[edit source]

All images must be uploaded as either .png or .gif file formats. When uploading an image, make sure that it is of adequate quality; avoid uploading an image if it is too blurry or hard to make out. Images such as renders, logos, or single-item artwork should be uploaded with a transparent background. You may use Adobe Photoshop or GIMP to remove backgrounds or convert files to the appropriate format. Do not use Microsoft Paint for this, as it doesn't have the ability to remove or retain transparency. If you are using a program to create files in .gif, make sure to render them in the "Pattern" style, which optimizes quality. Screenshots from the games should be taken directly from the game. Merchandise and product images may have trademarks on the items if the image is the official product image, and these may retain any backgrounds.

At all times, use officially-released images. Do not use or upload fan art or user-altered images of any kind, except those altered to remove white backgrounds.

Within reason, some user-created images may be uploaded for userspace-use only, such as the userpage or for talk templates.

Audio files[edit source]

Audio files, such as soundtracks, should be uploaded in the .ogg file format. Upload only 30-second snippets of a music track. Exceptions may exist for tracks that require a longer excerpt to better illustrate the piece, but these should be discussed on the appropriate track article's talk page before uploading. Do not upload entire tracks, as this may be a violation of copyright law. Such tracks will be marked for deletion. You may use programs such as Audacity to edit tracks to appropriate length and convert them to a .ogg file.

Videos[edit source]

Videos should not be uploaded to the Kingdom Hearts Database. Instead, videos may be uploaded to YouTube and embedded on articles using Template:YouTube. Videos should be of appropriate quality; do not embed videos that are too blurry or poorly recorded. You may embed videos to demonstrate strategies for defeating certain enemies and bosses, as well as all official trailers. Review the Manual of Style before uploading videos. You may also record videos specifically for the Database, which can he uploaded to the Database's YouTube channel. Talk to a member of the Database staff for information on how to do this.

File Names[edit source]

The Kingdom Hearts Database uses a file-naming system to organize uploaded files and make them easier to find. The format is

File:(subject/name/cutscene name) (world (if applicable)) (number (if applicable)) (game abbreviation).(file type[png, ogg, gif])

In the format, "(subject/name/cutscene)" would be replaced by the name of the primary subject the image is depicting, such as a character, logo, artwork name, or cutscene name. "(world (if applicable))" would be replaced by the name of the world, if the image is world-based variation of the subject, such as different world-based variations of renders for Sora. "(number (if applicable))" would be replaced by a number, representing either the version of the same image that has been uploaded (such as multiple renders of a character wearing the same thing from the same game), or the chronological order of the image, if it's a cutscene or trailer. "(game abbreviation) would be replaced by the game code, as found in the Manual of Style.

Examples[edit source]

  • A render of Sora in Kingdom Hearts III should be named "File:Sora KHIII.png".
  • A render of Sora, as he appears in The Grid in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance should be named "File:Sora The Grid KH3D.png".
  • A fourth render of Donald Duck, as he appears in Kingdom Hearts II, where only his position has changed, should be named "File:Donald Duck 04 KHII.png".
  • An image from the cutscene "The Outside World" from Kingdom Hearts should be named "File:The Outside World 01 KH.png".
  • An image from the E3 2013 trailer for Kingdom Hearts III should be named "File:E3 2013 trailer 01 KHIII.png".

More Information[edit source]

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