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Welcome to the Kingdom Hearts Database! This getting started help guide should help you get to know who we are and what we're about, and how you can help our growing project!

About[edit | edit source]

Main Article: KHDatabase:About

The Kingdom Hearts Database is a project dedicated to covering all official news and information about the Kingdom Hearts series. We're committed to bring the best information on Kingdom Hearts in one place, from story, to the latest developments, to gameplay and guides. We have three central objectives to our vision:

  • Explain the Kingdom Hearts series, including plot, characters, and game data;
  • Report on the latest Kingdom Hearts news;
  • Provide a place for the community to gather, discuss, and socialize.

You can read more about our vision and what we're about here.

Our content[edit | edit source]

Right now, there are several kinds of content we either currently cover or plan to cover. You can explore our regular "mainspace", which features encyclopedic articles on characters (like Sora, Kairi, and King Mickey Mouse), worlds (like Disney Castle and Twilight Town), games (like Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts III), and music, enemies, and more. Closely connected are articles in our "Walkthrough" space, which are guides for playing the games, as they related to various subjects, like walkthrough guides for individual bosses, worlds, and whole games. We also have a "Gallery" space, which is an archive of various images and videos related to the subject. Finally, we have our "Transcript" space, which is an archive of quotes and transcripts of each game, as well as archived transcripts of interviews with Kingdom Hearts development staff.

Aside from our game-related content, we also have a "News" space for all our news reporting on the recent developments in the Kingdom Hearts world. You can visit our News hub to search our archives.

Contributing[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Help:Editing

Everyone is invited to contribute to the Kingdom Hearts Database. To start, you can create an account here. This allows us to know who is editing what article, and also makes it easier to communicate with you if anyone has questions about your edits. It also makes it easier for you to communicate with us if you have questions, and we sure invite you to ask us if you have questions!

To start editing, just pick an article and add what you know! If you've never edited on a site like the Kingdom Hearts Database (think sites like Wikipedia or the Kingdom Hearts Wiki), you can find a basic guide to editing here.

Community Portal[edit | edit source]

If you don't have a clue where to start, or would like to get to see more about us and our community, visit Disney Castle, our community portal. Here, you can find links and more information on our forums, community, current projects, and best content. You can find more from our community, including our social media accounts, in the Courtyard. Blast off to links to our best and newest articles and media, which can be found in the Gummi Ship Hangar. Pitch in on our projects and with pages needing help, which can be found in the Library. And meet our staff and find recent announcements and requests for help in the Hall of the Cornerstone.

Blast off![edit | edit source]

Hopefully, you feel a little better about exploring our Database and pitching in. This is a community project, and the community is required to make it the best. If you have any questions, you can always ask a member of the Staff. You can also check out these pages for more information:

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