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Kingdom Hearts Database shutting down temporarily

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Year: 2020
Kingdom Hearts Database shutting down temporarily
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  • The Kingdom Hearts Database will close at 8 PM MDT today.

On March 5, 2018, the Kingdom Hearts Database was established as a new and additional voice for the Kingdom Hearts series. Our vision from the outset was large: to create a site that would document everything related to the Kingdom Hearts series, including news, story information, gameplay stats, and more. We hoped that we would be able to build the ultimate resource on the Kingdom Hearts series, and build a community dedicated to this cause.

We have made some incredible strides, and provide plenty of information in ways not yet presented. Nevertheless, it has become difficult to continue to host the site amidst a consistently low visitor rate. Despite our achievements, we do not have the ability to continue to pay for the running of the site. As a result, we have made the difficult decision of closing down the Kingdom Hearts Database. Effective tonight at 8 PM MDT/10 PM EDT, the Kingdom Hearts Database will be unavailable. We hope this will be only a temporary setback, and that we will be able to host once again the greatest resource on the Kingdom Hearts series.

For now, you can continue to reach out to us on Discord and our other social media channels. We will let you know there when we come back, if we are able to.

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