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On the Kingdom Hearts Database, we use sources to back up everything we report and claim. The Kingdom Hearts Database is not, itself, a source, and so we rely on official and reliable outlets to confirm everything we add here. Just like on Wikipedia, "even if you're sure something is true, it must be verifiable before you can add it."[1] This policy details what constitutes a reliable source for use in articles on the Kingdom Hearts Database. For help in adding sources to the Database, see Help:Editing.

Requirement to Source[edit source]

All information added to the Database must be sourced. The person who adds information is required to list the source of the information, and is therefore responsible for both adding the information and for the source they attach to it. Attribute all information, especially information that is or may be challenged, to reliable and/or official outlets. These outlets must clearly support the information.

Any references that do not clearly support information can and should be removed, and a more reliable source should be added. If one cannot be found, the related information must be removed.

Reliable Sources[edit source]

When adding references to articles, the sources must be reliable and trustworthy. Primary sources that should be referenced include:

  • The games themselves. Where possible, reference the cutscene or section in the transcript itself.
  • The creators of the games, particularly series directors Tetsuya Nomura and Tai Yasue, as well as any one that is known to be on the development staff.
  • Square Enix, Disney Interactive, and the Walt Disney Company, its authorized outlets, and other authorized staff and employees.

Third-party sources may also be used, particularly if they're quoting otherwise-nonpublic materials, such as those found in interviews with the media and the series' Ultimania. These include:

  • Credible interviews with media outlets, such as Famitsu and Dengeki PlayStation.
  • Authorized and licensed books and materials, such as the BradyGames Strategy Guides and Ultimania books.
  • Third-party news sources and individuals citing official materials that are in another language, such as Japanese. These include sites like Kingdom Hearts Insider and

Unreliable Sources[edit source]

Unreliable sources are third-party sources which peddle their own opinions or are based on conjecture or assumption. Any publication not officially licensed or published by Square Enix, the Walt Disney Company, or the development team, and which are not based on any verifiable facts, are unreliable and should not be used as references on the Kingdom Hearts Database.

Requesting References[edit source]

If there is information that is questionable or controversial and that information has no source, editors can request a sources for that article by adding the References template to the top of the article. Requests for sources for specific sentences or sections of an article can be made by tagging the sentence(s) or paragraph with Source.

Sources[edit source]

More Information[edit source]

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