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KHDatabase:Staff Manual

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Staff members at the Kingdom Hearts Database are editors who are granted additional tools in order to keep order on site. Their efforts and responsibilities vary, from managing and maintaining files, to helping mediate conflicts among other editors, to managing and leading coverage projects, to enforcing site rules and policies. Staff members have various additional tools to help them; these include the ability to quickly revert bad-faith edits and vandalism, delete files and articles, edit the site interface, and block or ban users. Being trusted with these tools is a privilege and responsibility. However, all staff members are still

This manual is designed to help members of the staff, as well as the community, understand the staff's rights and responsibilities.

The Role of the Staff[edit source]

First and foremost, the Kingdom Hearts Database Staff are editors. Their main responsibility is to the Database.

Representing the community's interest and desires, the Database Staff are elected by the members of the Database community. They seek always the input of the community as a whole in leading the site forward.

Invariably, staff members are competent and hard-working. Their edits show a high degree of dedication to the Database. As volunteer editors, they put as much effort as is reasonable in helping fulfill the vision of the Kingdom Hearts Database, building it to be the most complete resource on the Kingdom Hearts series there is. They work with and help other users, particularly new members. They are encouraging and welcoming, level-headed and mature. They are kind, humble, and friendly. They seek to find solutions to problems and work with others to protect and improve the Database.

Enforcing or abusing additional rights or leadership positions to establish dominance or superiority is strictly prohibited on the Kingdom Hearts Database. This includes blocking users they disagree with or protecting pages to preserve their own edits. Staff members acknowledge the importance of working with others, and that the Kingdom Hearts Database is a community effort. Staff members abusing their rights and tools will be held accountable, and can face demotion or other disciplinary action.

Necessarily, members of the staff will not always be available, nor will they always be able to involved in all issues affecting the Database. The community should be mindful that the staff are volunteers, and do not always have time to be on site or to take care of all matters. Staff members are encouraged to focus on the skills they excel at, whether that's article-writing, template-building, file management, conflict-resolution, or anything and everything else.

Database staff members are role models and leaders. They may not be popular or universally beloved, and may not even be friends with everyone on site, but they seek to work with others and help carry out the site's goals with anyone and everyone. They are approachable, open to help answer others' questions and give guidance as necessary.

Surely, there will be times when staff members disagree with other editors and with each other. However, staff members seek to work together to They respond coolly and avoid escalating conflicts when possible. They seek not to be at the center of conflicts when possible, too, for this discourages users from contributing to the Database.

Table of Contents[edit source]

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