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KHDatabase:Staff Manual/Elections

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The members of the Kingdom Hearts Database staff are entrusted with various tools and responsibilities to help protect the Kingdom Hearts Database, its content, and its users. These tools are very important, and as a result, are only granted to users with consent from the community. This page will detail the staff election process, and how editors are elected or assigned to staff positions.

Staff Positions[edit source]

System Administrator[edit source]

While not technically a leadership position, the system administrators is a user in charge of the server-side maintenance and upkeep of the Kingdom Hearts Database. They help make sure the site is running, keep the system software up to date, and install new features to improve the Database. They also have access to tools and information on the progress and status of the Kingdom Hearts Database, which they may relay to the rest of the staff as appropriate or as requested. This position is not an electable position.

Currently, the following users are system administrators:

Senior Administrators[edit source]

The highest ranking members of the Kingdom Hearts Database staff, senior administrators (known as bureaucrats on other MediaWiki sites) have tools that allow them to alter certain details about users, such as their username or the rights currently assigned, along with the tools given to administrators and moderators. Additionally, they have been given the main task of leading editors in covering and writing content. Each senior administrator is in charge of a specific area of the Kingdom Hearts Database; however, they are not restricted to that area.

Currently, the following users are senior administrators:

Administrators[edit source]

Administrators have been given tools that allow them to block users temporarily or permanently, as well as to delete files and articles, make mass changes, change the site interface, and change the protection levels for articles, along with the tools given to moderators. Their main task is to enforce existing site policies and processes, as well as help resolve conflicts.

Currently, the following users are administrators:

  • N/A

Moderators[edit source]

Moderators have been given tools to quickly undo vandalism, approve edits from newer editors, and move articles and files without creating redirects. Their main task is to enforce the Manual of Style and other content policies and rules on the Database.

Currently, the following users are moderators:

  • N/A

Editors[edit source]

Editors are staff members who contribute to the Kingdom Hearts Database. Anyone who edits an article on the site is an editor; thus, everyone can be considered staff members. Editors are important, and it's important to remember that all staff members are editors, too, first and foremost.

Currently, the following users are editors:

Elections[edit source]

A user can be considered for promotion to the Database staff if they have carried themselves out on the Database according to the standards and expectations expressed in "The Role of the Staff."

Elections are held as needed, and as determined by the community, to promote editors to the staff. There should always be enough active staff members to be able to handle the amount of traffic to the Database at any given time. The election process begins when a member of the community feels there is a need for new staff members; this suggestion should be posted, according to forum rules, in Forum:Audience Chamber. The community may there discuss whether there is a need for new staff members, as well as how many would be needed. If the community decides to move forward with an election, an administrator may open an election by creating the staff election page, a subpage of KHDatabase:Staff, named "Elections - Month Year". For example, if an election were started in January 2019, an administrator would create the staff election page as KHDatabase:Staff/Elections - January 2019.

On the election page, community members may nominate any member of the community that they want, except for themselves. Those nominated should be people that the community feels are trustworthy, and behave according to the expectations listed in "The Role of the Staff." Other users may voice their favor for as many of the nominated users as they want. Community members may also discuss here the merits of promoting certain users to staff. Those nominated may also be involved, particularly in regards to any questions or concerns the community may have regarding their promotion.

After no less than a week, an administrator may call for a final vote. Each user can vote for as many people as the community had previously determined would be needed for the staff. Those who receive the most votes will be promoted according to the community's decision and discussion, and according to how many staff members the community determined would be needed.

It's important to remember that these elections are open to the entire community, and all may voice their opinions openly regarding staff elections.

Manual[edit source]

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