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Lost Page

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The Lost Page is an additional page found only in Gula's copy of the Book of Prophecies. It is said to tell of a traitor among the Foretellers. Its exact contents remain unknown.

Story[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover[edit | edit source]

Before his sudden disappearance, the Master of Masters bestows a copy of the Book of Prophecies to his apprentice Gula, and assigns him his role, as he did the other Foretellers. However, the Master explains to Gula that his copy of the Book of Prophecies contained an additional page that describes a traitor among the Foretellers. The Master tasks Gula with identifying the traitor, and warns him to trust no one but himself.

Gula later explains his role to Ava, seeking her help to summon Kingdom Hearts. He tells her that the page is vague regarding the traitor's identity, revealing only that the traitor is one who bears the sigil.

Kingdom Hearts Χ[edit | edit source]

As the Keyblade War approached, Gula explains his role and the Lost Page to Skuld and the Keyblade wielder. He reveals part of the page to them:

"Imbalance observed, strength misplaced, a future filled with sorrow.
Words of truth misunderstood as they explore the secret of tomorrow.
With a single strike, toll the bells and herald the end
Bringing war upon us, as fate did intend."

While Gula tells them the prophecy in the Lost Page, Ava is talking with Luxu, and Ava by misunderstanding his words, she will attack him and a single strike on Luxu, will make ring the bells and bring war upon the Unions.

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