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"Make Your Mark" event gives chance for name to appear in Kingdom Hearts III

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"Make Your Mark" event gives chance for name to appear in Kingdom Hearts III
  • Square Enix offers players of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] the opportunity to have their names in Kingdom Hearts III

Time is running out if you want to have a chance to be in Kingdom Hearts III.

At the Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]: Dandelion Meeting, Square Enix announced that 300 lucky players fro the mobile game would be chosen to have their in-game name appear in Kingdom Hearts III. To be selected, players are supposed to fulfill at least one of three requirements and fill out the entry form by Tuesday, May 1st.

Players can receive up to three points for fulfilling specific requirements under the following sections in the game, but they have to be done by the end of April 30.[1]

A. Total Logins

Players will receive points based on their total number of days logging into Union χ[Cross] as of April 30, 2018. 100 players fulfilling these requirements will be chosen.

  • 600 days = 3 points
  • 400-599 days = 2 points
  • 300-399 days = 1 point

B. High Score Challenge

From April 15 to May 1, a new high score challenge event will be in Union χ[Cross]. Players will receive points based on their rankings in the challenge at the end of the event. 100 players fulfilling these requirements will be chosen.

  • 1st-10th place = 3 points
  • 11th-100th place = 2 points
  • 101st-500th place = 1 point

C. Toon Moggle Medals

Until May 1, Toon Moogle medals will be distributed as free login bonuses. Up to three will be distributed, and players will receive points based on how many copies of the Toon Moogle medal they receive. 100 players fulfilling these requirements will be chosen. Jewels will also be distributed for each Toon Moogle medal received and kept at the end of the event.

  • 3 Toon Moogle medals = 3 points
  • 2 Toon Moogle medals = 2 points
  • 1 Toon Moogle medal = 1 point

Entry Form

Finally, an entry form must be filled out by May 1, 2018 at 3:59 AM PDT/10:59 UTC. By submitting the entry form, the total number of points obtained in each of the above requirement sections will be totaled.

Players selected from Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] to be in Kingdom Hearts III won't be notified of their being selected; rather, they will have to keep an eye out throughout the game to see if they got in. Additionally, the name that will be in will be the player's in-game name, as in the name of their avatar in the game. These names can only have certain characters, and can only be eight characters in length. As the names will appear in-game, Square Enix may choose not to include names that may not fit the world on Kingdom Hearts III, either.

There was some confusion after the Dandelion Meeting about where the players would be chosen from, since there are currently two versions of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross], the Japanese version, and the Global version. The folks at KHInsider sought some clarification from Square Enix and learned that 300 players from each version would be selected, with the 300 from the Japanese version appearing in the Japanese release of Kingdom Hearts III, and the 300 from the Global version appearing in the international release of Kingdom Hearts III.[2]

The event is an exciting opportunity to be immortalized in Kingdom Hearts III. One may recall that before the North American release of Kingdom Hearts, Square Enix held a Name-in-a-Game contest similar to this one, with one lucky winner having his name included in the North American release of the game. That lucky winner was a young fellow named Kurt Zisa, and the game ultimately featured the difficult desert Heartless of the same name. Will you be trying to get into the game?


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