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Amazon reveals DLC for Kingdom Hearts III

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Amazon reveals DLC for Kingdom Hearts III
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  • Amazon announces DLC Keyblade during its Cyber Monday stream on Twitch.

Today, during Amazon's Cyber Monday stream on Twitch, the major e-commerce company announced for the highly-anticipated Kingdom Hearts III.

After confusion on Friday's stream over whether the special announcement would be revealed then, Amazon started their Cyber Monday video game stream today by unveiling the original short version of the Together trailer that's been playing in theaters for about two weeks. The trailer, lasting only about thirty seconds, ends with an announcement for the special Dusk Till Dawn Keyblade for those in the United States and Canada who pre-order Kingdom Hearts III from Amazon. This is the same Keyblade that was for pre-ordering the game through Seven.Net since June in Japan.

Additionally, for those who are Amazon Prime members, pre-ordering the game (standard or Deluxe edition) comes with a $10 credit, which applies regardless of whether they've already pre-ordered the game or do so in the coming days and weeks. Finally, for those who have Twitch Prime (those who connect their Twitch accounts to their Amazon Prime accounts), pre-ordering the game during the next two weeks will also come with 500 bits (a form of donatable currency on Twitch) for their Twitch accounts.

While the value of the bits and DLC is up for debate, the $10 credit, on top of the free shipping, makes pre-ordering Kingdom Hearts III with Amazon Prime the most financially convenient option. Will you be ordering Kingdom Hearts III through Amazon?


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