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Amazon to reveal Exclusive Announcement for Kingdom Hearts III

From Kingdom Hearts Database
Amazon to reveal Exclusive Announcement for Kingdom Hearts III

  • Amazon will have an exclusive announcement during its Black Friday stream on Twitch

Less than two weeks remain to the end of November, and the Kingdom Hearts community anxiously awaits the second trailer promised by series director Tetsuya Nomura at X018. Now, as Thanksgiving approaches in the United States, and with it, the annual Black Friday sales that kick-off the Christmas shopping season, online retailer Amazon has announced a Black Friday Twitch stream, and with it, an announcement for Kingdom Hearts III.

The retailer, which owns the popular streaming service Twitch, announced through its video game Twitter account, Amazon Video Games (@amazongames), that the stream will be held on its Twitch channel on Friday at 12 PM PST (3PM EST/8PM UTC).

What the announcement is, no one knows, but there is speculation that the awaited trailer will be revealed during the stream. Others are expecting the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts-themed PlayStation 4 Pro that was announced at E3 in June and has since released in Japan. Whatever it is, we will be watching the stream when it begins on Friday!

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