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Android closed beta test for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link delayed, new iOS test added

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Android closed beta test for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link delayed, new iOS test added
Teaser trailer press release 02 KHML.png
  • Square Enix announced that the upcoming closed beta test for Android has been delayed by a week.
  • The delay is designed to allow for more players to play the beta.
  • New iOS closed beta will run at the same time, with sign-ups beginning on Monday, April 22.

Square Enix announced on Thursday that the upcoming Android closed beta test for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link has been delayed an additional week. The closed beta test, which was scheduled to begin late next week, will now begin on May 2 and run through May 10.

In the announcement made on Twitter, they explain that the delay is a result of wanting to make changes based on the feedback received from the iOS closed beta test from late last year. The delay will also allow time for the team to accommodate additional players, and so Square Enix has also announced a second iOS closed beta test to take place simultaneously.

In all, the following dates are how Square Enix will be handling the upcoming closed beta test:

  • Sign-ups for the second iOS CBT: Monday, April 22.
  • Email notification for selected CBT players: Wednesday, May 1.
  • Closed Beta Test: Thursday, May 2 - Friday, May 10.

At this time, it doesn't appear that any of the other requirements have been changed, so the test will still be limited to users in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan. There's also still no word about when the game will officially release to everyoneLet us know if you get to try the game out!

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