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Chaos, praise in lead-up to worldwide release of Kingdom Hearts III

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Chaos, praise in lead-up to worldwide release of Kingdom Hearts III
Opening Movie trailer 21 KHIII.png
  • Kingdom Hearts III plagued by messy, chaotic launch as multiple retailers worldwide release game early
  • Multiple reviewers praise Kingdom Hearts III, give high scores for game

Kingdom Hearts III is now out, and fans all over the world are excitedly getting the long-awaited conclusion title since the game released at midnight.

However, the game's launch has been plagued by a chaotic release, with multiple retailers releasing the game early. So early, in fact, that many people reported being able to buy the game as early as Friday, which was supposed to be the Japanese release of the game. People in France, the Netherlands, and all throughout the United States reported being able to buy the game all throughout the weekend, despite the official release being Tuesday. This breach of the title's release date comes in the midst of the game's unprecedented leak, which series director Tetsuya Nomura has since claimed amounted to the theft of just four copies of the game, and only increases the likelihood that future releases may not be worldwide simultaneous releases, a path Nomura has suggested he's considering in a recent interview with Famitsu.[1]

Despite the game's chaotic worldwide launch, which Square Enix has so far not addressed, Kingdom Hearts III has met incredibly favorable reviews. Based on 32 reviews, Metacritic gave the game a score 88 out of 100.[2] Giving the game a score of 9.5 out of 10, Kimberly Wallace of GameInformer writes, "The new installment addresses threads that have been left hanging for years, and it does so by leveraging the Disney magic that seems to make anything possible. The result is the series at its strongest, and most importantly, it provides satisfying answers to the biggest question marks."[3]

The highly-anticipated conclusion to the Dark Seeker Saga releases worldwide Tuesday, January 29! Let us know what you think of Kingdom Hearts III! We'll be updating this article as more reviews come in!


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