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Closed Beta Test officially announced for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, teaser trailer revealed

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Closed Beta Test officially announced for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, teaser trailer revealed
Teaser trailer press release 06 KHML.png

  • The Closed Beta Test for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link has officially been announced.
  • Applications for the Closed Beta Test in the United Kingdom and Australia are now open.
  • New teaser trailer for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link was revealed with the Closed Beta Test announcement.
  • The official Twitter account for Kingdom Hearts Union χ has been re-tooled for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link.

The official Closed Beta Test for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link is finally here! The beta test was officially announced last night, with applications opening for players in the United Kingdom and Australia. The test will be strictly for iOS devices for now, with a future test for Android devices planned for January 2024.

Details of the Closed Beta Test were released on the new, official Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link website. Recruiting for the test will continue from now until November 14. The test will begin on November 29 and continue until December 8. Much like the prototype test at the beginning of this year, testers will receive a link to download an app to their phones for the game test. Unlike the prototype test, however, Square Enix is allowing testers to post videos, images, and streams of testers playing the game, in accordance with the company's streaming guidelines. Additionally, Square Enix revealed that the PS4's DualShock 4 controller, the PS5's DualSense controller, and the Xbox wireless controller can be used with the game, although this may change when the game officially launches. They also warn that data from the Closed Beta Test will not transfer to the final game when it releases. The full details of the beta can be found on the website.

The announcement came on the new Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link North American Twitter account, which replaced the North American Kingdom Hearts Union χ account last week.

Square Enix also announced that a second Closed Beta Test will be held in Japan for the same time period, November 29 to December 8, 2023.[1] While the test will only be for iOS devices, recruiting for this and the upcoming Android beta test is taking place from now until November 14. Square Enix additionally announced that it will randomly select users from those who sign up for the test to run an additional group test for the party function, which will take place on December 2, 2023, in Tokyo, Japan. Sign-ups are limited to 2,500 per OS (5,000 total), with a lottery being used if more than 2,500 participants sign up.

Finally, a new teaser trailer was revealed with the announcement! Check it out!

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer and the tweet announcing the trailer describe the upcoming mobile game as a GPS-based action RPG and features a variety of recorded lines for new characters. There are also different scenes and locations in the game, along with some gameplay moments. The teaser trailer and the features a variety of new characters and some gameplay. It appears that characters from past titles will be returning as playable objects much like the medals from Kingdom Hearts Union χ or the cards from Kingdom Hearts χ, and as a result, there are new models for previous characters in the new Unreal Engine, including characters like Aladdin, Simba, Tinker Bell, and Pinocchio. The trailer seems to suggest that, while this chapter takes place between Kingdom Hearts Union χ and Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, the story is a "forgotten" chapter in the Kingdom Hearts series' story. Images from the trailer were also published! Let us know if you're planning on playing the game!


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