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Collaboration for Kingdom Hearts III opening theme featuring Skrillex confirmed!

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Collaboration for Kingdom Hearts III opening theme featuring Skrillex confirmed!

  • Square Enix announced via Twitter that the Kingdom Hearts III opening theme would be done by Utada Hikaru and Skrillex.
  • The announcement comes just a week after reports surfaced that a new theme titled "Face My Fears" was registered through the ASCAP.

Tokyo Game Show just ended less than a week ago, but the news for Kingdom Hearts III keep coming. Today, Square Enix took to Twitter to announce that the opening theme of the long-awaited title will be done by both Utada Hikaru and American singer-songwriter Skrillex.

According to the press release shortly thereafter published, the song was originally intended to be a remix of "Don't Think Twice", the previously-revealed theme song for Kingdom Hearts III by Utada Hikaru. However, owing to the friendship of Utada Hikaru and the Grammy-award winning, self-professed Kingdom Hearts fan, the song ultimately turned into a completely new song titled "Face My Fears."

Ahead of the release of the highly anticipated KINGDOM HEARTS III on January 29, SQUARE ENIX® and Disney today announced that the eight-time Grammy® Award winning Skrillex and internationally renowned singer songwriter Hikaru Utada have collaborated for the game’s opening theme song.

Skrillex, a long-time and self-professed fan of the KINGDOM HEARTS series, originally intended to remix the previously revealed Hikaru Utada track, Don’t Think Twice. However, owing to the pair’s friendship, this developed into the new and original collaboration, Face My Fears, to celebrate the game’s release.

Set to be released alongside Don’t Think Twice on January 18, the opening theme song, Face My Fears, has also been produced in collaboration with Poo Bear, the acclaimed record producer who previously produced Justin Bieber’s multi-platinum selling single, What Do You Mean?

Skrillex is a long-time fan of the Kingdom Hearts series, as his Twitter timeline will surely show. According to both Square Enix and an independent release by Utada Hikaru's team, the long-time singer for the Kingdom Hearts series asked Skrillex to remix "Don't Think Twice" for the opening. However, he proposed instead to make a completely new theme song

Last week, a user on reddit revealed that the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) had a new song listed, titled "Face My Fears". The song was said to be by Utada Hikaru, Sonny Moore (Skrillex), and producer Jason Boyd, more commonly known as Poo Bear. The song also was titled alternatively as "Opening Them (Kingdom Hearts 3)", leading to speculation about the yet-unconfirmed collaboration. Many expected either the collaboration to be a more upbeat version of "Don't Think Twice", while others hoped for a completely new theme.

The collaboration will mark the first time a Kingdom Hearts title will have two completely different theme songs. Both the English version of "Don't Think Twice" and both the Japanese and English versions of "Face My Fears" will release on January 18, 2019, just 8 days before the Japanese release of Kingdom Hearts III! Let us know what you think in the discussion page!


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