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Face My Fears album available for pre-order, "Don't Think Twice" now available in full

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Face My Fears album available for pre-order, "Don't Think Twice" now available in full
Face My Fears album cover OST.png
  • Face My Fears by Utada Hikaru now available for pre-order on iTunes
  • "Don't Think Twice" is now available to download and stream

The latest trailer for Kingdom Hearts III featured our first tease at the opening theme "Face My Fears". Now, the track is officially available for pre-order.

The album is titled Face My Fears, as listed in Apple's iTunes store, and includes both the English and Japanese versions of the track, as well as the previously-released "Chikai", the Japenese version of the ending theme for Kingdom Hearts III, and "Don't Think Twice", the English version of the same theme. The latter two tracks are now available to buy individually, and are automatically available as a pre-order bonus for the whole album, which is set to release on January 18, 2019. The album went up for pre-order at midnight EST.

In addition to iTunes, the English track "Don't Think Twice" is available to buy individually from the Google Play Store. Finally, both the English and Japanese tracks are available to stream on Spotify. The album's cover art, seen in all these entries, was drawn by series director Tetsuya Nomura. The director also confirmed via Twitter that the full version of "Face My Fears" will not be revealed until the album's release in January.

Will you be pre-ordering the album?

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