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News:Kingdom Hearts III 1.09 update releases

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Kingdom Hearts III 1.09 update releases

  • Kingdom Hearts III v. 1.07, the free update releasing with Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind, releases hours ahead of the DLC release
  • Free update features abilities, Oathkeeper and Oblivion, and changes to some cutscenes.

While the world excitedly waits for the release of Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind, Square Enix released the equally awaited 1.07 update for Kingdom Hearts III. In fact, they not only updated the game to version 1.07, but all the way to 1.09, bundling in two additional updates with various fixes for Kingdom Hearts III.

While three updates released at the same time, the bulk of information and content is still in the 1.07 update. That update, available for free for Kingdom Hearts III, features the release of Oathkeeper and Oblivion, obtainable by exchanging key items that were first released in the 1.04 update that introduced Critical Mode in April 2019. Six new abilities were added for Sora, all available when starting the game now. New sharing features were added to the game, and it's now possible to stream from all cutscenes in the game, including the opening and ending of the game. Interestingly enough, four cutscenes saw some changes, with one including new music and "Ending" having the most changes.

The update is now available for everyone for free. Let us know what your favorite change is!