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News:Kingdom Hearts III release coverage

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Kingdom Hearts III release coverage
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  • The highly-anticipated conclusion to the Dark Seeker Saga, Kingdom Hearts III, releases worldwide this weekend

Six years of development and plenty of information, trailers, and excitement have all come down to this. The highly-anticipated conclusion to the Dark Seeker Saga, Kingdom Hearts III, releases around the world starting with the Japanese release of the game tomorrow at midnight JST. We've got all the coverage for you right here on the game's long-awaited release, so don't miss out on the fun and excitement!

Kingdom Hearts III releases in Japan

The highly-anticipated Kingdom Hearts III finally releases in Japan! Along with this long-awaited release, the first update to the game is pushed out, including bug fixes and the Memory Archive.

Chaos and praise in lead up to worldwide release

As with all things Kingdom Hearts, the release of Kingdom Hearts III faces a spectacular combination of both chaos and praise. Multiple stores in the United States and around the world break the game's release date and begin to sell the game early in the days leading up to the game's January 29 release. At the same time, reviews are beginning to come in, and the outlook is positive as many sites and companies give high marks to the latest title in the series.

Kingdom Hearts III releases worldwide

Kingdom Hearts III finally releases worldwide! Despite our worries, concerns, and the chaos of the last month and a half, the game release to everyone with tremendous praise. Along with the game's release, update 1.01 has released on the PlayStation and Microsoft Stores, including various bug fixes and the Memory Archive.

5 million copies ship in just over one week

It's been only a week since the incredibly exciting release of Kingdom Hearts III. Today, Square Enix announced that the game had shipped over 5 million copies of the game across all platforms worldwide since the game's January 29 release. This makes Kingdom Hearts III the fastest-selling game in Kingdom Hearts history!

SQUARE ENIX® proudly announces that KINGDOM HEARTS III, the latest mainline entry in the beloved action RPG series, has shipped more than five million units globally, both physically and digitally, across all platforms since its January 29 release, making it the fastest selling game in the history of the series.


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