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Kingdom Hearts Reconnect fan event details revealed, registration now open

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Kingdom Hearts Reconnect fan event details revealed, registration now open
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  • Kingdom Hearts fan event Reconnect details were revealed earlier today.
  • Event will take place NYLO Las Colinas in Dallas, Texas.
  • Registration for Reconnect is now open.

The latest information on the upcoming Kingdom Hearts in-person event Reconnect has been revealed today. During KHGuides's Twitch stream today, a brand-new trailer revealing more details on the event was shown, along with the announcement that registration for the upcoming event is now open.

Reconnect is an in-person and online event designed to bring the Kingdom Hearts community together in celebration and friendship. Set to take place in NYLO Las Colinas Hotel in Dallas, Texas, the event builds on the success of last year's KH20 and will feature Kingdom Hearts Trivia, a cosplay showcase, and more! Event badges are now available for purchase, and the proceeds go back to funding for the event itself. Additionally, merch packages including a lanyard, event t-shirt, and more are available for purchase.

More information and the registration page can be found on the Reconnect website at Reconnect will take place September 15 through 17, 2023. Let us know if you'll be joining in!

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