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Kingdom Hearts Union x ver. 3.01 updates

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Kingdom Hearts Union x ver. 3.01 updates
News 20180512-4.png
  • Version 3.01 of Union χ will include:
    • Product codes for Starlight will be handed out
    • Ability to optimize medals to Keyblade subslots
    • Ability to unequip medals from all Keyblades
    • Ability to unlock all nodes from avatar boards
    • Buffs/Debuffs increased to 15
    • Optimization button adjusted
  • Frozen collaboration coming soon to Union χ
  • 10,000 jewels and 10 Chip & Dale medals will be given to all players.

During Square Enix's "KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] - Winter in Daybreak Town" livestream, details on Version 3.01 of the global version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ, as well as some post-maintenance notes were given.

Following the Japanese version's update last week, version 3.01 will include the following:

  • Product codes for the Starlight Limited-time challenge will be visible in the Classic Kingdom Menu, however, they won't be redeemable until after Kingdom Hearts III is released on January 29th.
  • The ability to automatically equip medals into Keyblade subslots
  • The ability to unlock all nodes of an avatar board at once, as long as the player can afford all of the nodes.
  • The ability to remove a particular medal from all Keyblades and subslots, including those in PvP Mode.
  • Buffs and Debuffs can be stacked up to +/- 15.
  • Additional adjustments have been made to the "optimize" button on Keyblades.
  • 10,000 jewels will be given to all player's present boxes as an award for patience during the maintenance.

After the update, frozen medals, spirit parts, and avatar boards will be a part of a frozen collaboration event. As a reward for the stream, all players will be given 10 6★ Chip & Dale medals.


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