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March Caprice returns for fourth year as week-long event, concludes tomorrow

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March Caprice returns for fourth year as week-long event, concludes tomorrow
March Caprice IV promotional image 01 MC4.png
  • The 4th annual March Caprice: A Celebration of Kingdom Hearts is running right now, and will conclude tomorrow.
  • The event has been extended to a whole week, allowing more creators to showcase their love for the Kingdom Hearts series.

The fourth annual "March Caprice: A Celebration of Kingdom Hearts" has been going on this week, and it is a crime that we've failed to report on the event sooner. The community event, now running the entire week, kicked off on Sunday, March 24 and will conclude tomorrow, March 30. As in years past, March Caprice features a variety of content from creators in the Kingdom Hearts community, including pre-recorded videos, live streams, musical performances, cosplays, art, and written works.

The fan-run "Kingdom Hearts Concert Soiree" concert, a staple and highlight of the March Caprice event, features fifty different tracks inspired by the Kingdom Hearts series' music library. The first part of the Concert Soiree concluded earlier this evening, with the second part taking place tomorrow afternoon. This year's event also saw the return of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament hosted by Treehouse and the Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Tournament hosted by Limen. New events hosted by chosen participants include a Jackbox game with PreferredWhale6, Skribblio with our friend Regular Pat, and the return of community-favorite Melody of Madness with Andy Bru.

The remaining schedule can be found on the March Caprice website, along with links to all the events. Art pieces, cosplays, and written works can be found on the website's Artist Alley as well. As in the past, the video presentations are expected to be hosted on the March Caprice YouTube channel for later rewatch. We hope you'll join us for the remainder of the event!

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