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News:Square Enix announces Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

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Square Enix announces Kingdom Hearts Dark Road
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  • Square Enix reveals "Kingdom Hearts Dark Road" as the official title of "Project Xehanort"
  • More information coming after mid-February

Last week, Square Enix teased the upcoming mobile title in the Kingdom Hearts under the working title "Project Xehanort". Today, Square Enix announced the official title of the game: Kingdom Hearts Dark Road.[1][2]

The title will focus on the origins of Master Xehanort and why he became a seeker of darkness. It will mark the fourth title in the series for mobile phones (Kingdom Hearts coded, Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, Kingdom Hearts Union χ), and will release for iOS and Android in the spring. More information is expected to release sometime after mid-February.[2] What do you hope will be in the new title?