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Square Enix announces pet goods brand SQEX PETs, features Kingdom Hearts-inspired pet goods

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Square Enix announces pet goods brand SQEX PETs, features Kingdom Hearts-inspired pet goods
Kingdom Hearts & Pets logo KH&P.png
  • Square Enix revealed a new pet goods brand named SQEX PETs
  • New brand will sell toys and other items for pets, based on the Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest series.

Square Enix has announced a new merchandise brand called SQEX PETs. The brand appears that it will be used to sell pet toys, accessories, and other pet-related merchandise, based on Square Enix properties. At this time, Square Enix has unveiled items based on the Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts series.

The new brand comes with something of a sub-brand for each series, named "Dragon Quest & Pets", "Final Fantasy & Pets", and "Kingdom Hearts & Pets", respectively. According to the announcement, Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura supervised the creation of the items under the "Final Fantasy & Pets" and "Kingdom Hearts & Pets" brands, and also designed the logo for the "Final Fantasy & Pets" brand.

The "Kingdom Hearts & Pets" brand has the most currently-revealed items, at six (names translated by Ryuji at

  • Cafe Monogram Mat
  • Sora dog wear
  • Monogram Pet Bandana
  • Monogram Pet Bed
  • Monogram Pet Leash
  • Paopu Fruit Rope Toy

The items were just announced, and while coming soon, are still in development, which means any of the items could be cancelled before release. There's still no release date or pricing information, but Square Enix did reveal it would be opening a shop at Interpret, Japan's largest international pet industry trade fair. The shop doesn't appear to feature any of the revealed items, but instead will feature samples to view. Stuffed animals and stationery will be available for sale, along with two photo booths for taking pictures with one's pet. The event will take place at Tokyo Big Sight East Hall from April 4 through April 7, 2024. Let us know what you think of the new merchandise!


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