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Square Enix changes Twitter account handle from Union χ to Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link

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Square Enix changes Twitter account handle from Union χ to Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link
Tweet (23 Oct 23) KHML.png

  • The official Twitter account for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link has been revealed, taking over the previous account for Kingdom Hearts Union χ.

It looks like we may be getting news for the still-missing Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link. Months after last saying that some social media handles were unavailable, Square Enix has changed the social media handle for the official Kingdom Hearts Union χ account. The handle, which was previously @KHUX_PR, is now @KHML_PR. The account has also been themed for Missing-Link, with a new banner and profile picture. Additionally, as expected, the official hashtag for the game is #KHML.

The account has also posted its first tweet since December last year, when it retweeted the news of the then-upcoming prototype in Japan for Missing-Link. None of the previous tweets from the account's time as the official Union χ account have been deleted, however, and the previous handle has become a new and private account.

Following the pattern from the previous Kingdom Hearts mobile title accounts, the handle for what would be Missing-Link globally, @kh_ml_na, is still in use by someone else. There also doesn't appear to be any indication that Square Enix is gearing up to post on any non-Twitter accounts for the mobile title; no accounts with similar handles are available yet on Threads, Facebook, Instagram, BlueSky, or any other platform at this time. But we'll keep an eye out for them! Let us know if you think we're about to be hearing news about Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link!

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