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Square Enix continues to publish Kingdom Hearts literature

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Square Enix continues to publish Kingdom Hearts literature
Kingdom Hearts III novel Vol. 1 01 KHIII.png
  • Kingdom Hearts III manga continues to be published by chapter: Chs. 4 in Japanese and 3 in English now available online.
  • Kingdom Hearts Re:coded novel now available.
  • Scholastic to publish new novel on Kingdom Hearts

Although the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III has been out for several months now, and the next title is yet to be announced, there are still plenty of opportunities to explore and relive the story of the Kingdom Hearts series. Enter the ever-growing collection of literature for the Kingdom Hearts series. Here, we summarize the latest news on the latest Kingdom Hearts novels and manga.

The Kingdom Hearts III manga continues to be published online by chapter. In Japanese, chapter 2 was released on June 26, Chapter 3 was released on July 25, and Chapter 4 was released on August 22, all on GANGAN Online.[1] The next chapter will be published September 26. In English, Yen Press publishec Chapter 1 on June 18, Chapter 2 on July 23, and Chapter 3 on August 20.[2][3][4] YenPress also revealed that it will publish the first volume of the Kingdom Hearts III novel, set to release on February 18, 2020.[5]

Also from YenPress, the Kingdom Hearts Re:coded novel, which was released on August 27, 2019.[6] Like the other novels for the Kingdom Hearts series, the Kingdom Hearts Re:coded novel was written by Tomoco Kanemaki, with Shiro Amano doing the illustrations, and follows the events of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

Finally, a scoop from our friends at Kingdom Hearts Insider, who revealed on August 15 that Scholastic is set to publish not one, but two books on the Kingdom Hearts series. The first of these is titled The Official Kingdom Hearts Character Book, and will release on February 4, 2020. It's being written by Connor Lloyd, and will be 96 pages long.[7] According to Kingdom Hearts Insider, the description as it used to exist on Amazon for the title is as follows:

Get to know all the characters from the hit Disney video game series Kingdom Hearts in this immersive, in-world official guide presented by everyone's favorite hero, Sora! Includes an awesome pullout poster.

Kingdom Hearts is a video game that brings together all your favorite characters. From Elsa, to Olaf, to Maleficent, to Xehanort, Riku, and Kairi, the biggest heroes and villains from Disney's Kingdom Hearts are all here in this action-packed guide! Presented by Sora himself, this guide has all of the info on the biggest stars of Kingdom Hearts. Plus, it comes with an epic pullout poster! This guide is a must-have for fans of this action-packed role-playing game.''

The second title set to be published by Scholastic is not titled, but will be the first in a middle-grade series by Brooke Vitale, and will be 208 pages long.[8] It will be published on May 5, 2020, and was originally described as follows:

An all-new original middle-grade series based on the hit Disney video game!

An original, canon story in the world of Disney's Kingdom Hearts that can only be found in the pages of this book! This first volume of a completely original middle-grade series combines Disney and Square characters with new heroes, in a new addition to the rich lore of this game. This first book in an all-new series is a must-read for fans of this hit game, and will tell a huge part of Kingdom Hearts lore that they have been clamoring for.''

Interestingly, however, both descriptions have since been taken down after the folks at Kingdom Hearts Insider reached out regarding the alleged canon, new story of the new novel series. KHInsider confirmed that this had happened.[9] In any case, the new novel series will surely be exciting to have, with since the novel will take us into the world of Kingdom Hearts from the perspective of a new author in Brooke Vitale.

These latest updates are all exciting for those who love the story of the Kingdom Hearts series. Let us know if you're getting any of these new books!


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