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Union χ will feature exclusive world, ties to Kingdom Hearts III

From Kingdom Hearts Database
Union χ will feature exclusive world, ties to Kingdom Hearts III
  • Future story update to Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] will feature exclusive world
  • New summon in Kingdom Hearts III will be from Union χ[Cross]-exclusive world.

During the Q&A segment of Developer panel of the Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]: Dandelion Meeting, series director Tetsuya Nomura revealed some details about a future world coming to Kingdom Hearts Union χ. Nomura was asked about any worlds he wanted to add to the mobile game during the panel, when he revealed that a world would be coming that would be exclusive to Union χ[Cross]. This means the world would not be in the upcoming title Kingdom Hearts III. The whole quote can be seen below:

Are there any worlds that you want to add in KHUχ?

  • Nomura: We do plan to add a new world that will not be in KHIII. The hint for the world is that a character from that world will appear in KHIII as a summon. However, we haven’t revealed that character yet so I don’t think you’ll know which character or world I’m talking about. You might be able to figure it out if you carefully watch one of our future KHIII trailers.[1]

Based on the quote, we will be seeing the summon-able character in a future trailer for Kingdom Hearts III before we actually see this world in Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]. Whether that means the world itself will appear in the mobile game before the release of Kingdom Hearts III later this year or not is still a mystery, but Nomura sure seems adamant on keeping us guessing. What do you think the new world and summon will be? Let us know in the discussion page!


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