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Update schedule for Kingdom Hearts III announced

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Update schedule for Kingdom Hearts III announced

  • Updates scheduled for first three days after launch of Kingdom Hearts III.
  • Epilogue and secret videos will be added through update patch following game launch.

We're now down to just sixteen days until the launch of Kingdom Hearts III. Yesterday, January 11, Square Enix announced through Twitter the update schedule for the game following the game's launch. While we'll be posting the schedule as it applies to the worldwide release, the same schedule will follow the Japanese release on January 25.

Tuesday, January 29

JPN: Friday, January 25

  • Update 1.01: Several Data fixes
  • Memory Archive: A series of videos retelling the story of Kingdom Hearts so far. These videos will be available from the Title Menu once downloaded.

Wednesday, January 30

JPN: Saturday, January 26

  • Epilogue: Players need to finish Kingdom Hearts III and view the ending in order to access the Epilogue

Thursday, January 31

JPN: Sunday, January 27

  • Secret: Players need to finish Kingdom Hearts III, view the ending, and fulfill certain criteria (like past secret videos) in order to access and view the Secret video. Just like with past titles, the criteria differs depending on what difficulty level you chose to play Kingdom Hearts III in.

Of course, an internet connection will be required to download these free updates and patches. As a reminder, Square Enix chose to do this in anticipation of a potential leak, and the made the right call, as Kingdom Hearts III was leaked last month by people who stole unreleased copies of the game. At the time, a message from series director Tetsuya Nomura said that the Epilogue and Secret videos, which were the biggest spoilers in the game, were "planned to be released at a later date just in case, so they will not be shown before the game's release."

What do you think of the release schedule? Excited for the planned updates? Let us know in the discussion page!

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