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News:Wreck-It Ralph's Hero's Duty coming to Kingdom Hearts Union χ

From Kingdom Hearts Database
Wreck-It Ralph's Hero's Duty coming to Kingdom Hearts Union χ

  • Hero's Duty from Disney's Wreck-It Ralph will be coming to Kingdom Hearts Union χ

It was only two months ago that Kingdom Hearts Union χ finally introduced a new world, Game Central Station, based on Disney's Wreck-It Ralph. Now, the mobile game is continuing to follow the story from the original film. Today, the Japanese Twitter account of the game teased the upcoming inclusion of the virus-bashing shooter game Hero's Duty from the film.

When the update is set to drop is anyone's guess right now, but it's great to see that the game is being updated regularly now, rather than going on the months-long lack of story that had been plaguing it before. Are you excited for the upcoming story update?

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