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Archive:The 7 Questions of Light

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"The 7 Questions of Light"

  • There's a little something for every kind of fan in Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind and the 1.07 update
  • Kairi, Roxas, Riku, and Aqua are playable in Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind
Square Enix
21 January 2020

Q1: What are the updated contents in "Version 1.07 (free update)"?[edit | edit source]

The Keyblades "Oathkeeper" and "Oblivion" can be obtained.

Through Formchanges to "Light Form" with the "Oathkeeper" and to "Dark Form" with the "Oblivion," you'll be able to use specialized combo actions. Additionally, both Keyblades allow Formchanges to "Double Form," which allows you to fight while dual wielding.

Aside from that, six types of action abilities have been added for standard combos, a portion of the cutscenes in the main game have been revised, and the sections of the main game where sharing was prohibited have been revised widely to open them up.

Q2: What was the goal of strengthening photo functions such as the "Data Greeting" and "Slideshow" features?[edit | edit source]

After the game was released, the gameplay videos uploaded by everyone looked incredibly cool and fun. We found them so moving that we implemented these functions in the DLC in hopes of adding even more to the hype.

In the Data Greeting feature, you can select a character, pose them any way you like, and add effects or screen effects before photographing them. Selecting those photos in the Slideshow feature and selecting a theme allows you to easily create a slideshow with music, so you'll be able to create a video that's customized to your own taste.

In fact, after we created them, all the dev team members had a photo contest while testing functionality. There, we saw many photographs not in the main game that were heartwarming or were so crazy that they made us think, "Huh? You're allowed to do that?", and it hit us that this was something that many people would enjoy.

Q3: Please tell us about how to enjoy the "Premium Menu." Additionally, "EZ Codes" aside, what was the intention behind preparing "PRO Codes," which put yourself at a disadvantage?[edit | edit source]

The Premium Menu is a function that allows you to customize various game settings in the Camp Menu, and you can select either "EZ Codes" or "PRO Codes" immediately after you start a new game.

"EZ Codes" are settings geared towards people who want to move right along in the game and includes things like "Auto-Guard" (automatic guard). "PRO Codes" include settings for people who want to enjoy the game at a high difficulty level and includes things like "HP Slip" (HP decreases at regular intervals of time). Additionally, "EZ Codes" and "PRO Codes" have specific achievements, and by changing settings to make new adjustments, you can aim toward obtaining these achievements.

Among the "EZ Code" achievements, we've prepared some curve balls like one where you must get all the way from the top of Rapunzel's tower to the Kingdom of Corona without setting foot on the ground very much.

Q4: Are The Real Organization XIII that appears during the main game and The Real Organization XIII that appears as the "Limitcut boss" different? Or, is it a strengthened version? Which boss puts up a particularly tough fight?[edit | edit source]

They are completely different. We created everything anew, including AI and action.

There are characters that you must have good defense to beat, characters that you must have good offense to beat, characters whose movements are just so difficult to read – they all have different strengths and ways to enjoy them, so the characters that are tough to beat differ depending on the person. However, Xion and Master Xehanort are stronger compared to others.

In fact, after beating them, my hands kept shaking for about fifteen minutes – the nervousness and feeling of accomplishment are insane.

Q5: Did the "Secret Boss" that Nomura-san requested to be "so strong that it makes you cry" actually turn out to be so strong that it makes you cry?[edit | edit source]

We took a survey of developers and testers who had beat the past secret bosses in the KINGDOM HEARTS series thus far, and we received feedback that it is "so strong that it makes you cry." Its number of attack patterns is particularly high – it's a secret boss that takes time to figure out how to get past.

However, as was the case for The Real Organization XIII in the Limitcut, there is a way to get past all of the character's movements, so its strength isn't unreasonable, and you can win without sustaining any damage if you have a perfect playthrough.

Q6: Are there any other parts that were added in Re Mind?[edit | edit source]

The ending story has been supplemented, and it has an additional scenario, Re Mind, that allows you to control Kairi, Roxas, Riku, and Aqua and enjoy new combo actions; and a mode* that allows you to enjoy video and music from the KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra (limited to the KINGDOM HEARTS III Re Mind + Concert Video package only).

Q7: Finally, please send a message out to all the fans.[edit | edit source]

The DLC has been expanded in all its facets, including battles, story, and system. Its contents are made to allow an even deeper enjoyment of KINGDOM HEARTS III.

We've prepared a wide array of contents for many different tastes – "Re Mind" for those who want to enjoy the story and new controllable characters, Data Greeting and Slideshow features for the creative, the Limitcut Real Organization XIII for those who want to challenge themselves to a formidable foe, and orchestra video for those who want to experience a beautiful world of music and images. We hope you give it a try!

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