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Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World of Tres-

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Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World of Tres-
Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World of Tres- logo WOT.png

Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World of Tres- is an official orchestral concert of Kingdom Hearts music performed by a full orchestra. It is the third orchestral concert and third world tour for the series's music. It was created in celebration of the release of Kingdom Hearts III.

The concert was announced on January 22, 2019, just days before the release of Kingdom Hearts III[1]. The concert premiered on April 27, 2019 in Tokyo Japan.

On December 10th, it was revealed that people could preorder a certain version of Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND, which would include footage of 19 tracks from the Kingdom Hearts –World of Tres– Orchestra concert that was recorded in Osaka, Japan. [2]

Performances[edit | edit source]

At its announcement, the event was said to include twenty-two performances in seventeen cities around the world. Additionally, the concert series had a performance in Los Angeles, coinciding with E3 2019 for the third year in a row.

Date Hall Location
April 27 & 28, 2019 Tokyo International Forum A Tokyo, Japan
May 18, 2019 Esplanade Concert Hall Singapore, Singapore
June 1, 2019 Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University Chicago, Illinois, United States
June 8, 2019 Dolby Theatre Los Angeles, California, United States
June 22, 2019 Orlando, Florida, United States Walt Disney Theater
June 28 & 29, 2019 United Palace New York City, New York, United States
July 13, 2019 Sony Centre Toronto, Canada
August 24, 2019 Kölner Philharmonie Köln, Germany
September 14, 2019 Fox Theatre Atlanta, Georgia, United States
September 28, 2019 Palais des Congrès Paris, France
October 5, 2019 Teatro Arcimboldi Milan, Italy
October 19, 2019 Sydney Town Hall Centennial Hall Sydney, Australia
October 26, 2019 Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie Dallas, Texas, United States
November 2, 2019 Espaçodas Americas São Paulo, Brazil
November 17, 2019 Eventim Apollo London, United Kingdom
November 23, 2019 Auditorium Blackberry Mexico City, Mexico
November 30, 2019 Grand Cube Osaka, Japan
December 26 & 27, 2019 Pacifico Yokohama Yokohama, Japan[3]

Program[edit | edit source]

While the programs handed out at venues didn't include "Rhapsody in Tres for Piano, Chorus and Orchestra", Yoko Shimomura surprised attendees with the song as an encore, placing herself on piano for this song. For this song, the conductor also used the Oathkeeper Keyblade baton, which, along with an Oblivion Keyblade baton as part of a set, were available as merchandise for some venues.

Piece Composer Arrangement
"Dearly Beloved from KINGDOM HEARTS III" Yoko Shimomura Kaoru Wada
"Music from KINGDOM HEARTS" Yoko Shimomura Kaoru Wada
"Music from Re: Chain of Memories" Yoko Shimomura Kaoru Wada
"Music from KINGDOM HEARTS II" Yoko Shimomura Natsumi Kameoka
"Music from 358/2 Days" Yoko Shimomura Sachiko Miyano
"Pretty Pretty Abilities from coded" Yoko Shimomura Natsumi Kameoka
"Music from Birth by Sleep" Yoko Shimomura Mariam Abounnasr
"Music from Dream Drop Distance" Yoko Shimomura, Tsuyoshi Sekito Tomomichi Takeoka
"Diabolic Bash" Yoko Shimomura Kousuke Yamashita
"Music of Another Time" Yoko Shimomura Natsumi Kameoka
"Face My Fears -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version-" Hikaru Utada & Skrillex Kaoru Wada
"Symphonic Suite: The Worlds of Tres I" Yoko Shimomura, Tsuyoshi Sekito, Randy Newman, Takeharu Ishimoto Natsumi Kameoka
"Symphonic Suite: The Worlds of Tres II" Yoko Shimomura, Tsuyoshi Sekito Natsumi Kameoka
"Symphonic Suite: The Worlds of Tres III" Yoko Shimomura, Takeharu Ishimoto Sachiko Miyano
"Symphonic Suite: The Worlds of Tres IV" Takeharu Ishimoto, Yoko Shimomura Tomomichi Takeoka
"Symphonic Suite: The Worlds of Tres V" Takeharu Ishimoto, Tsuyoshi Sekito, Yoko Shimomura Kousuke Yamashita
"Overture to the Decisive Battle" Yoko Shimomura, Takeharu Ishimoto Yasunori Nishiki
"Hikari -KINGDOM Tres Orchestra Instrumental Version-" Hikaru Utada Kaoru Wada
"Rhapsody in Tres for Piano, Chorus and Orchestra" Yoko Shimomura, Takeharu Ishimoto Kaoru Wada

Album[edit | edit source]

An album for the orchestra was revealed along with additional merchandise in April 2019.

Track List[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World of Tres- Album cover.png Track Title Length Artist Composer
1 "Dearly Beloved from KINGDOM HEARTS III" 4:10
2 "Music from KINGDOM HEARTS" 5:22
3 "Music from KINGDOM HEARTS II" 6:05
4 "Music from 358/2 Days" 5:32
5 "Music from Birth by Sleep" 6:26
6 "Symphonic Suite: The World of Tres I -Of Gods and Toys-" 10:15
7 "Symphonic Suite: The World of Tres II -Tangled with Scares-" 5:33
8 "Symphonic Suite: The World of Tres III -A Frozen Fracas-" 6:21
9 "Symphonic Suite: The World of Tres IV -A Pirate's Tale-" 7:04
10 "Symphonic Suite: The World of Tres V -A Hero's Journey-" 10:19
11 "Overture to the Decisive Battle" 9:05

Forewords[edit | edit source]

In the album booklet came 4 letters; one from the director Tetsuya Nomura, and three from each of the composers Yoko Shimomura, Takeharu Ishimoto, and Tsuyoshi Sekito.

"I imagine most of you listening to this CD have already finished KINGDOM HEARTS III, and I think this concert recording is the perfect soundtrack to help you reflect on your experience while you wait for our next big announcement. From the tunes for the very first title to melodies of the latest, these thrilling medleys are sure to stir up many memories. I hope you'll not only look fondly on what has been, but also look forward to what's to come."
- Tetsuya Nomura (KINGDOM HEARTS series director.)

"Hello! This is Yoko Shimomura, lead composer for the KINGDOM HEARTS series. Thank you for taking time to listen to this album!

It's been two years since the last concert we did, KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra -World Tour-. At this time, I wrote, 'This all feels like a dream. It's the fifteenth anniversary of KINGDOM HEARTS, but I hope I don't wake up tomorrow and find I've been sent back in time twenty years before this all happened!' Instead, it feels like I woke up and suddenly two years had passed! And now, two years later, I'm thrilled to present a new program full of new music and arrangements in the form of KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra -World of Tres-.

When creating music for the original Kingdom Hearts, there were only three of us: me, a synth operator, and a sound programmer. Since then, our numbers have continued to grow with each new title—―more people creating music, more performers playing it, and more fans listening to it. Now we even hold concerts where thousands of people can enjoy the same music together at the same time. The tiny light that sparked in my heart when I wrote my first demo now shines brightly thanks to all the love and support I have received from so many people over the years. I sincerely hope that my music――along with the music of Tsuyoshi Sekito and Takeharu Ishimoto――will spark joy within your hearts as well.

Last but not least, I would like to express my utmost gratitude to everyone who assisted with the production (Keiji Kawamori, Yuki Hirose, Kazuki Hamamoto), composition (Tsuyoshi Sekito, Takeharu Ishimoto), arrangement (Kaoru Wada, Kosuke Yamashita, Sachiko Miyano, Natsumi Kameoka, Tomomichi Takeoka, Yasunori Nishiki, Mariam Abounnasr), and performance of the music from Kingdom Hearts III. I would also like to thank everyone involved in the production of the Kingdom Hearts games, as well as the production of these concerts and accompanying albums. And, of course, I want to thank all of you for your continued support!

Thanks Mom and Dad, my brother, friends, loved ones, and Chief. the whole "KINGDOM HEARTS" series staff, and the "Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World of Tres- Album" staff, too. Thanks for giving me a stage on which to perform, and for all the joys that have made me who I am. Thanks for the ocean, the mountain, the earth, the wind, the sky, the sun, music... and you."
-Yoko Shimomura (Music Composer)

"This disc is a rare one――only available at concert venues――so congratulations on adding it to your collection! As a creator, hearing the music I composed and arranged for Kingdom Hearts III performed by a full orchestra and having those luxurious performances recorded on a CD gives me great pleasure.

I'm incredibly happy to have been able to create music for a series as universally beloved as KINGDOM HEARTS, and I hope listening to this album makes you even happier."
-Takeharu Ishimoto

"Hello, this is Tsuyoshi Sekito, a composer from the Square Enix Sound Division. I'm thrilled to hear that we'll be producing an album or orchestral arrangements. The music of "KINGDOM HEARTS" is so complex, shifting from forceful to graceful at will, and providing the listener with courage and joy the more they listen. This collection of orchestral arrangements is sure to conjure memories of countless adventures, I look forward to enjoying this album as a fan of the series just like you."
-Tsuyoshi Sekito

Merchandise[edit | edit source]

During the KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra -World of Tres- tour in Tokyo, a limited number of concert goods were sold to concert attendees before and after the concert. Some merchandise was only sold at certain venues.

Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World of Tres- Exclusives[edit | edit source]

The performance events also featured additional event-exclusive merchandise for sale. The products included t-shirts, the album, and an orchestra guide.

  • CD Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World of Tres-: A CD featuring the concert pieces, and for the first time, some KINGDOM HEARTS III music, revisiting music from the whole saga, and a luxurious packaging. Costs 3500 yen/39 USD.
  • The Official Tour Program: 48 page, hard cover book. Exploring the planning of this your, cross interviews between Tetsuya Nomura, and composers Yoko Shimomura, Takeharu Ishimoto, and Takeshi Sekido. With presentation of the numerous artists involved on this tour, a lot of details about its music programs and many illustrations. It costs 2500 yen/39 USD.
  • Orchestra Conductor Keyblade Set: Two new Orchestra Conductor Keyblade in one set. It costs 6501 yen [4]/75 USD. [5]
  • Poster: A giant A2 poster with pink gold and high quality paper with the concert official translation. Costs 2000 yen/20 USD.
  • Tote Bag: A two side printed tote bag. Costs 2600 yen/20 USD. [6]
  • Key Chain: A Key chain with the tour official illustration. It costs 1700 yen/20 USD. [6]
  • T-shirt (S-M-L-XL): A T-shirt with the tour official illustration. It costs 3000 yen/35 USD. [6]

Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour- Returning items[edit | edit source]

Some concert goods from the "KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra -World Tour-" will also be sold at the venue. Note that the -World Tour- Album and concert-inspired t-shirt will not be available at this event.

  • The Orchestra Guide is a forty-page guide to the performance, including messages from Yoko Shimomura and Tetsuya Nomura, musical commentary, and the text from Terra and Naminé's conversation from the Kingdom Hearts Concert -First Breath- performances. It cost 2500 yen.
  • A Kingdom Key Keyblade-shaped baton cost 3700 yen.
  • A concert-themed purse cost 3500 yen
  • A card holder, which also holds the tickets for the concert, cost 2000 yen

Other Kingdom Hearts-related items[edit | edit source]

  • Kingdom Hearts Metallic File, costs 600 yen.
  • Kingdom Hearts II Metallic File, costs 600 yen.
  • Kingdom Hearts III Metallic File, costs 600 yen.
  • "The Story Leading to III" 2-fold clear file set, costs 3200 yen.
  • An umbrella cost 3200 yen.
  • A "Sora and Roxas" folding pouch, costs 1600 yen.
  • A "Roxas and Axel" folding pouch, costs 1600 yen.
  • A black/silver Kingdom Hearts III mug, costs 3000 yen.
  • A monogram/black Kingdom Hearts III mug, costs 2500 yen.
  • A monogram/white Kingdom Hearts III mug, costs 2500 yen.
  • A Shadow-themed vanity pouch, costs 3700 yen.
  • A Shadow plush doll, costs 3400 yen.
  • The Kingdom Hearts Anniversary FAN SELECTION -Melodies & Memories- album, costs 3600 yen.
  • The Kingdom Hearts-HD 1.5 & 2.5 ReMIX original soundtrack box, costs 7500 yen.
  • Digital USB Clock: An alarm clock that makes the Kingdom Hearts menu sound effects when pressing the buttons. It costs 10,700 yen.
  • Roxas music box: A Roxas-themed music box that plays "The Other Promise". It costs 7,400 yen.
  • Xion music box: A Xion-themed music box that plays "Vector to the Heavens". It costs 7,400 yen.
  • Card case: A leather Kingdom Hearts-themed business card holder. It costs 3,000 yen.
  • Pass case: A leather Kingdom Hearts-themed pass holder. It costs 3,000 yen.
  • Flat Pouch: A Kingdom Hearts-themed flat pouch. It costs 3,000 yen.
  • Monogram Kingdom Hearts magnet set: A set of six monogram colored magnets. A Keyblade, heart, heartless emblem, nobody emblem, crown, and Roxas' zipper. It costs 2,700 yen.
  • Kingdom Hearts III Masking Tape Set Vol.1: Masking tape set based on Kingdom Hearts III. It costs 3,000 yen.
  • Die-cut hand towel (Shadow): A hand towel in the shape of a Shadow Heartless' head. It costs 1,600 yen.
  • Stained glass clear sticker set (Monogram): A 16-sticker set, featuring various stained glass art, a heart, a crown, and lucky emblem-shaped stickers. It costs 1,700 yen.
  • Canvas tote bag: A tote bag based off of Naminé's drawing of Sora, Donald, and Goofy. It costs 2,600 yen.

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