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Blizzaga is a magic spell first introduced in Kingdom Hearts. It harnesses the element of ice.

It is usually the third and most powerful version of the Blizzard spell.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit | edit source]

Magic icon BbS.png Shimmering Crystal KHBBS.png
Fleeting Crystal KHBBS.png
Power Crystal KHII.png
Energy Crystal KHII.png
Bright Crystal KHII.png
Serenity Crystal KHII.png
Abounding Crystal KHBBS.png
Terra/Ventus/Aqua Blizzard (LV3)
Aero (LV3)
Blizzard Boost Magic Haste Leaf Bracer Combo Plus Item Boost HP Prize Plus Lucky Strike
Terra/Ventus/Aqua Blizzara (LV3)
Blizzard (LV3)
Blizzard Boost Reload Boost Second Chance Air Combo Plus Damage Syphon HP Prize Plus Lucky Strike
Terra/Ventus/Aqua Blizzara (LV3)
Strike Raid (LV3)
Blizzard Screen Attack Haste Leaf Bracer Air Combo Plus Item Boost HP Prize Plus Lucky Strike

The following commands are synthesized using Blizzaga.

 Is synthesized with command
Deep Freeze (Command)Blizzaga
Binding Strike
Deep Freeze (Command)Blizzaga
Freeze Raid
Deep Freeze (Command)Blizzaga
Triple Blizzaga
Glacier (Command)Blizzaga
Deep Freeze (disambiguation)
Ice BarrageMine Square
Ice BarrageMine Shield
Triple BlizzagaBlizzaga
Triple BlizzagaBlitz
Triple BlizzagaBlizzara

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