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Brave Shot

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Brave Shot (Valor Form) KHII.gif

Brave Shot (ブレイヴシュート Bureivu Shūto?, lit "Brave Shoot") is an ability found in Kingdom Hearts II. It allows Sora to perform a ground Combo Finisher on a single enemy.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit | edit source]

"Unleashes a powerful finishing combo move and knocks a single target off its feet."

In Kingdom Hearts II, Brave Shot is an action ability tied exclusively to Valor Form, and cannot be unequipped. It is a ground Combo Finisher that deals damage to enemies in front of Sora. When Sora uses Brave Shot, he slams is Keyblades down in front of him, creating two shockwaves in front of him, hitting enemies in the way, and causing them to be air-tossed.

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