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KHDatabase:Featured Media

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Icon for Featured Media on the Kingdom Hearts Database

Featured media are files hosted on the Kingdom Hearts Database and chosen by our editors and staff that best represent the kind of content we provide on the Kingdom Hearts Database. Featured media files are hosted on the Main Page for at least one month, usually the month after they have been chosen.

All editors with at least 100 edits in content spaces (main, Walkthrough, Gallery, Archive, Transcript, or News) can nominate and vote for Featured Media.

Requirements[edit source]

The following principles should be considered when nominating and voting for a featured article:

  • The file should be used in an article in a content-space page (main, Walkthrough, Archive, Transcript, or News). Media files used only in userspace pages, forums, and articles in the KHDatabase space cannot be nominated. Files in Category:Site images generally cannot be featured.
  • The file should comply with Media policy.
  • The file should have no maintenance notices, and should not appear in any category or subcategory of Category:Maintenance
  • The file cannot have been previously featured.
  • The file represents a variety of the kinds of files hosted and used on the Database.

Nomination process[edit source]

Once you've found a media file you think should be featured, input the file's name (without the "File:" prefix) in the box below, and click on "Nominate." This will create a nomination page, where you can explain why you're nominating the file. The page will also include a section for voting for and against the file, as well as a discussion section.

The focus of the discussion should be on the quality of the file, not on the popularity of the file itself. Support should focus on how the file best exemplifies the standards and goals for articles on the Database. Objections should focus on what the file is lacking. The file may be re-uploaded during the discussion so as to improve it as needed.

A media file must receive one additional vote of support within ten days of nomination, or it will have failed nomination. Once the file achieves majority votes in support within 20 days of nomination, the file will be officially marked a Featured Media file. It will be featured on the Main Page, the Gummi Ship Hangar in Disney Castle, and on the Database's Discord and other social media channels.

Nominate media[edit source]

You can nominate a media file to be featured using the input field below. Be sure to use the name of the file, without the "File:" prefix, as currently named.

Previously featured media[edit source]

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