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Welcome to the Gummi Ship Hangar! Here, find the latest and greatest on the information we have about the Kingdom Hearts!

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  • 19:50, 6 April 2024Kingdom Hearts Digital Painter (hist | edit) ‎[5,497 bytes]KeybladeSpyMaster (talk | contribs) (Created page with "{{Articlenav}}{{Game|KHDP}} {{InfoGame|logo=Kingdom Hearts Digital Painter logo KHDP|developer=Disney|publisher=Disney|releasedate=January 7-14, 2012||eosdate=May 1, 2014}} {{Q|Go on a quest to Castle Oblivion and create a drawing that won't be forgotten.|Introduction}} '''''Kingdom Hearts Digital Painter''''' was an online flash game hosted on the Disney Create platform at It was one of several art studio flash games based on Disney...") Tag: Visual edit
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27 December 2023

The Kingdom Hearts Database will be participating in the upcoming cross-wiki editing event ‘’’Indie Wiki Jam’’’! Check out the information page here, and get ready for the editing event beginning January 12, 2024!

29 November 2023

Our coverage of ‘’Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link’’ begins today with the launch of the second closed beta test in the United Kingdom and Australia! Visit our Discord server to find the thread where we’re adding all the information we can find!

11 November 2023

The fourth annual ‘’’March Caprice: A Celebration of Kingdom Hearts’’’ is coming soon! Sign-ups are now open for all who wish to partipcate in the online community event! Find more information on event website

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