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Kingdom Hearts coded/demo

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Kingdom Hearts coded/demo
Demo menu screen CODE.png
キングダムハーツ コーデッド
Kingudamu Hātsu kōdeddo
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The Kingdom Hearts coded demo was a game demo of Kingdom Hearts coded released for the Docomo Prime Series-P-01A Panasonic mobile phone exclusively for Japan. It had two options, Olympus Coliseum -SIDE EPISODE- (オリンポスコロシアム-SIDE EPISODE-?) and Traverse Town -SPECIAL EDIT VERSION- (Upgrade) (トラヴァースタウン-SPECIAL EDIT VERSION-(アップグレード)?). It was previously available on its official website, but as of April 20, 2013, the app is no longer available for download and the website is no longer accessible.

Controls[edit | edit source]

Controls from Kingdom Hearts coded demo.

The controls were mapped to the following keys:

  • Movement: Directional Keys
  • Volume: 0 Key
  • Dodge: 9 Key/Direction Key: Press 2 times.
  • Guard: 6 Key
  • Jump: * Key
  • Command: FB Key/Menu Key
  • Attack: # Key

However, they could be remapped in the system's command menu.

Olympus Coliseum -SIDE EPISODE-[edit | edit source]

Records from Olympus Coliseum -SIDE EPISODE- in Kingdom Hearts coded demo.

Sora runs into The Coliseum looking for Hercules and Phil. A Shadow appears and Phil is seen running from it. Phil tells Sora that Heartless appeared, and are running wild in Olympus Coliseum. Sora asks where Herc is, Phil says he's not here. Sora tells Phil to he'll take care of the Heartless and runs off into the coliseum as Phil cheers from the sidelines.

    • Battle 1: 1 Shadow
    • Battle 2: 3 Shadows
    • Battle 3: 2 Soldiers, 3 Shadows
    • Battle 4: 1 Large Body, 2 Soldiers, red Bug Blox continuously fall
    • Battle 5: 1 Large Body, 4 Soldiers, 2 Shadows
    • Battle 6: 8 Soldiers
    • Battle 7: 100 Heartless (10 Shadows to start off, 2 on Soras left and right, 6 in front. Then more Shadows, Soldiers, Large Bodies, and red Bug Blox continuously drop in.)

After the 7th battle, records are shown with the time the previous round took, the record for the fastest round, and the maximum combo Sora dealt. The game is then sent back to the home menu.

Playthrough[edit | edit source]

KINGDOM HEARTS coded(デモ版) 実機プレイ

References[edit | edit source]

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