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News:Copies of Kingdom Hearts III stolen in largest leak in Kingdom Hearts history

From Kingdom Hearts Database
Copies of Kingdom Hearts III stolen in largest leak in Kingdom Hearts history

  • Per reports on social media, ten to thirty copies of Kingdom Hearts III were stolen and attempted to be sold
  • Leak of Kingdom Hearts III comes just forty-one days before the game's launch, and on the anniversary of last year's Monstropolis leak

Kingdom Hearts III has had many achievements during its development cycle. First new console title in eleven years. First title on Xbox One. Most promoted title in Kingdom Hearts history. Now, however, it has unfortunately garnered a far less prestigious achievement: largest leak in Kingdom Hearts history.

In a stunning revelation, an individual has gained access to multiple physical copies of the Xbox One edition of the highly-anticipated title. The exact details are still unclear, with initial claims that ten copies had been stolen from a Walmart. However, multiple people have now clarified that the copies were stolen from a packaging facility and handed over to the leaker, who was attempting to sell them locally through Facebook.

The listing has since been removed, and while it's unclear how many copies are actually out there, there definitely seems to be more than one. It's been a very chaotic and stressful day for the Kingdom Hearts community, with the game now just forty-one days away from its Japanese launch. The news also comes on the one-year anniversary of the Monstropolis leaks. The community has largely banded together in response, however, and has mutually helped each other prevent seeing the leaks. We at the Kingdom Hearts Database commend the community for its pure heart and willingness to help each other in this incredibly difficult time.

As a reminder, we do not allow leaks on the Kingdom Hearts Database. We have safeguards installed that prevent that kind of content from being posted, allowing us to ensure that only good-faith edits are added to our site. Leaks are strictly prohibited on the Kingdom Hearts Database, including our Discord server. Those discussions will inevitably happen, but our site will not be the platform for those discussions. Anyone who attempts to share leaked content will be automatically banned from the Database, and we will alert others in the community if we can.

We will continue to keep an eye on this situation as it unfolds.

UPDATE (00:22, 16 December 2018 (MST)): Series director Tetsuya Nomura has commented on today's leak, remarking that the ending is not available on the disc and that they are aware both of the leaked content and how today's events unfolded:

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