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News:James Woods, voice of Hades, reveals work on a Kingdom Hearts game

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James Woods, voice of Hades, reveals work on a Kingdom Hearts game
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  • James Woods, voice of Hades in Hercules and Kingdom Hearts, reveals he's been working on a new Kingdom Hearts game.

The voice of the Lord of the Dead is back.

James Woods, who has voice the villainous character Hades in both the Disney film Hercules and throughout the Kingdom Hearts series, announced today via Twitter that he was working on a Kingdom Hearts game lately.

He didn't say which game, and admittedly, mistitled the series, referring to the video game franchise as "Kingdom of Hearts", but we like to believe he's referring to Kingdom Hearts III, the only currently-known title in development that's confirmed to have Hades[1]. This is also a clue as to how far the development of the game is; generally, the voice acting takes place towards the end of development. Are you excited about the revelation?


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