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Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link closed beta begins tonight

From Kingdom Hearts Database
Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link closed beta begins tonight
Teaser trailer press release 03 KHML.png
  • Closed beta for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link begins at midnight MST/7:00 UTC.

The second closed beta test for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link will begin about 1.5 hours from now. As reported last month, this round of the beta will be available to select players in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan, and will run for about 1.5 weeks, until December 8. The beta will also be limited to iOS players, although an Android beta is supposed to be coming later.

Those who were chosen to be a part of the beta should have received emails confirming their involvement earlier today. The beta is being done through Apple's TestFlight app, and it appears from users on Twitter that the app is already available for download. This beta will be the first time we see the game in English, with a Japanese beta test having taken place back in January. From the title screen images that have been shared online, it looks like the game was developed by Square Enix along with Spark Gear, mapbox, and Unreal Engine.

Are you playing the beta? Let us know on our Discord and feel free to share with us what you find!

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