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Kingdom Hearts referenced in latest Adventures with Superman episode

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Kingdom Hearts referenced in latest Adventures with Superman episode
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  • Episode 7 of My Adventures with Superman uses Lois Lane to make a Kingdom Hearts reference.

Spoilers ahead for those watching My Adventures with Superman.

The Kingdom Hearts series continues to appear in more popular culture, and it's latest appearance is on a non-Disney show. Earlier today, the latest episode of Warner Bros. newest animated DC superhero television series My Adventures with Superman, titled "Kiss Kiss Fall in Portal", released. Without going too much into spoilers, in the episode, Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen are dragged into the multiverse, where, among other things, they see alternate versions of Lois Lane. As shared by KEY-CAST (@Key_Cast) on Twitter, one of these alternate universe Lois Lanes is seen receiving the key to the city at the age of 19. However, her costume design in the brief shot resembles Sora's jacket, including the very obvious zipper and buttons holding her hood to her jacket. The key to the city, meanwhile, resembles the shape of a Keyblade, with a large hilt and a knuckle-bow curving around the entire handle.

The reference appears to be confirmed by creator Jake Wyatt's tweet activity. As of writing, Wyatt has liked[1] three separate tweets that mention the reference to the video game series. This latest reference in the small screen comes following references in other Disney works, including in Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers, The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, and "The Wonderful Spring of Mickey Mouse". What do you think of the latest pop culture reference to the Kingdom Hearts series? Be sure to join our Discord and let us know!


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