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Kingdom Hearts Concert -First Breath-

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This is the transcript from the Kingdom Hearts Concert -First Breath-.

Naminé[edit | edit source]

Naminé: "Don't worry. You might forget about me ...but with our promise I can come back. Yes. One day the light--it will be ours, and it will bring us together. And then--I'll be in your heart."

Sora: "Right. Forgotten--but not lost."


Lingering Will: "Aqua... Ven..."

Lingering Will: "A Keyblade? Who are you?"

Lingering Will: "I know you. We've met before, way back when. No, that wasn't you. You're not the one I chose. Where is he? Xe...ha...nort... Is that you? Xeha . . . nort . . . . Xehanort!"

{{ts|Lingering Will|That's it. your power.

Lingering Will: "That's what I felt within you."

Lingering Will: "The power that connects to Aqua."

Lingering Will: "And to Ven's heart."


Terra: "Where am I...?"

Naminé: "In your memories. Traces of you were lost, so I found you through memories belonging to those you've met in the past."

Terra: "Who are you?"

Naminé: "I'm Naminé. It's nice to meet you. I'm a witch who can control people's memories."

Terra: "A witch?"

Naminé: "Right now you're bound to two memories. One belongs to you, the other belongs to an unspeakable darkness--"

Terra: "...Master Xehanort."

Naminé: "Your heart will soon encounter a familiar light. You must make sure she isn't lost to the darkness. You must guide her."

Terra: "Her? You mean Aqua? I'm not sure what I can do to help, not like this."

Naminé: "You must fight, Terra, like the others. You mustn't let your heart melt into darkness; follow your true memories, and you'll reach the light. She's headed there, too--to the same place. You must believe in that promise, just as she continues to believe in you."

Terra: "Aqua. Ven. One day I'll--I've never forgotten our promise. Never. I will keep fighting."

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