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Quest 1

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"Quest 1" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road.

Story[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Before the Battle[edit | edit source]

Odin: "I’m afraid I bear bad news. The seven upper classmen have gone missing during their training for the Mark of Mastery exam."

Vor: "Training? What kind of training?"

Odin: "As you know, there are many worlds outside Scala ad Caelum. Before the Keyblade War, all the worlds were joined together. But that war forced them apart, and now their residents know not of the others’ existence. To maintain this order, meddling with other worlds is strictly forbidden. However, in preparation for the Mark of Mastery exam, Keyblade wielders are given permission to journey to these worlds to broaden their horizons."

Xehanort: "How does one get to those worlds?"

Odin: "There are several ways…"

Eraqus: "Ways that you can’t share with us LOWER classmen?"

Hermod: "Don’t be like that, Eraqus."

Odin: "You are right. They are taught only to upper classmen. But today is an exception."

Hermod: "Really?"

Eraqus: "You’re going to tell us?"

Urd: "I can’t believe this."

Odin: "I would like you to use this knowledge to find the missing wielders."

Eraqus: "Yes!"

Urd: "You don’t have to sound so excited."

Hermod: "Yeah, people are missing, you know."

Eraqus: "Right, sorry."

Bragi: "Guys, we get to go to the outside worlds. This is huge!"

Xehanort: "The situation IS worrying. Which is why I’d rather be part of a search party than sit here and do nothing."

Vor: "Guys, aren’t you forgetting someone? What about Baldr?"

Eraqus: "Oh, yeah."

Urd: "Is he still in his room?"

Hermod: "I’ll get him."

Odin: "I have given Baldr a different task. He will not be joining us today."

Xehanort: "Oh?"

Eraqus: "What’s he doing?"

Odin: "As you all know, his sister is one of the missing upper classmen. I have yet to tell hm the news to avoid any unnecessary concern. In the meantime, I would like you to search for the missing students. Ordinarily, there is much to learn before going to the outside worlds. However, as time goes on…"


Eraqus: "So how should we do this?"

Hermod: "Well, the Master wants us to split up into two groups."

Urd: "How do we decide?"

Eraqus: "Rock, paper, scissors?"

Bragi: "Xehanort, any ideas?"

Xehanort: "About?"

Bragi: "Well, we’ve all studied the other worlds, but you’re the only one of us who’s been out there. The upper classmen disappearing, our mission… What do you think’s going on?"

Xehanort: "Well, regardless of my past, one thing’s for sure: the connection between worlds is unstable. According to the Master, the Keyblade War engulfed the world in darkness. When it was over, all the worlds began being rebuilt into what they are now. But time flows differently in each one… …depending on when and how quickly they’re restored. Some worlds are already complete, and their time has begun to flow. But others are not, and for them, time stands still. The different worlds are all moving forward at different speeds from different starting lines."

Eraqus: "Let’s say worlds are like people. Some are babies that crawl, some are toddlers that’ve just started walking, and others born yesterday are already adults that know how to run. Right?"

Xehanort: "Yeah, something like that. What I’m saying is that we need to be careful about what we say and do while we’re out there."

Urd: "Right. Wherever we go, we have to make sure we don’t say anything about the worlds. We need to respect their order."

Xehanort: "If rules and order are already established in that world, yes. But what if you’re in a world equivalent to a newborn?"

Hermod: "Then the rules can be changed…"

Vor: "But why would anyone do that?"

Urd: "Even if it is possible… …do you think anyone else out there knows any of this?"

Eraqus: "Hold up. Let’s go back to what Xehanort said. I think the point was that the instability of the worlds could have something t do with why they all disappeared. Right?"

Xehanort: "Right."

Bragi: "So some worlds’ve been completely restored, while others haven’t."

Eraqus: "Exactly."

Hermod: "But there’s no way of knowing how far along a world is unless you actually go there, right?"

Xehanort: "Yeah."

Vor: "That’s kinda scary."

Urd: "This is gonna be a tough mission, isn’t it?"

Xehanort: "Probably. The seven wielders each left on their own, but the Master wants us in groups of three. This won’t be easy."

Eraqus: "Guys, enough talk. So how should we do this?"


Eraqus: "Are we good?"

Everyone nods their heads and summon their Keyblade armor.

Odin (in memory): "There are several ways to travel between worlds. To ensure your safety, you will be donning armor that wards off darkness, and your Keyblade will become a vessel for travel."


Eraqus: "Did we make it?"

Xehanort: "Looks like it."

Urd: "This doesn’t look so bad."

Heartless appear.

Urd: "Guess I was wrong."

Eraqus: "We just got here!"

Xehanort: "They’ve gotta be Heartless."

After the Battle[edit | edit source]

Xehanort: "Not bad for our first battle."

Eraqus: "Yeah, but we need to stay sharp."

Urd: "I hope the others are okay."

Xehanort: "I’m sure they’re fine. For now, let’s focus on finding some clues."

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