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"Prologue" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road.

Story[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Xehanort: "That dream again…"

Xehanort (in narration): "I’ve been having the same dream over and over again for as long as I can remember. An unfamiliar world filled with unfamiliar faces and unfamiliar good-byes… As if I’m experiencing a life that belonged to someone else. This island surrounded by smaller desolate isles, a vast ocean, and a never-ending sky—this is my entire world. But maybe there’s something beyond these waters. Maybe there are worlds like the one I dream of. If I could get to the outside world, would I be able to meet my friends from my dreams? I can’t get the thought out of my head as I lie on the sand like a starfish day after day, feeling like I’m falling through the sky."

???: "My waypoint."

Xehanort: "What?"

???: "The world from your dreams… It does indeed exist. This is nothing but a prison surrounded by ocean. There is nothing for you here. Is this where you wish to carry out your life?"

Xehanort: "Who are you?"

???: "I am your waypoint, as you are mine."

Xehanort: "What do you mean? Who are you? How did you get here?"

???: "Answers are meaningless if you lack the knowledge to understand them. Here, there is only so much you can learn. You must explore the world outside."

Xehanort: "Huh?"

???: "It’s easier than you’d think. One step forward is all it takes. But if you lack the courage and strength, your dreams will remain dreams forever."


???: "Xehanort."

Xehanort: "It’s almost time for class."

Eraqus: "I know."

Xehanort: "Wait. Aren’t you going?"

Eraqus: "Eventually."

Xehanort: "Always doing things in your own time."

Eraqus: "It’s gonna take a while for the others to show up anyway."

Xehanort: "That’s true."

Eraqus: "What’s it like out there?"

Xehanort: "Huh?"

Eraqus: "What was it like on the other side of the ocean? Must be nice to know."

Xehanort: "Beats me."

Eraqus: "But this is where they found you, right?"

Xehanort: "Yeah, I was lying here unconscious. But what does that prove?"

Eraqus: "The nearest towns we can see are all abandoned. That means you had to have come from somewhere farther away."

Xehanort: "Or maybe I fell from the sky."

Eraqus: "Well, that’s new."

Xehanort: "What you can see is only part of the picture. Not only that, the things you get used to seeing can fade into the background."

Eraqus: "So…you’re sticking with "I fell from the sky"?"

Xehanort: "Keep an open mind, Eraqus. Maybe then you’ll actually beat me."

Eraqus: "Wait. You’ve been talking about chess this whole time?"

Xehanort: "Come on, we need to get to class."

Eraqus: "The outside world, huh? What I wouldn’t give…"


Eraqus: "Oh? Thought we’d be the last ones here."

Urd: "Me too. Being late and running away IS what you do best."

Eraqus: "That’s right! And don’t you forget it! Just call me Tardy Fleetfoot!"

Xehanort: "Baldr’s not here yet?"

Hermod: "Nope."

Eraqus: "And the Master?"

Bragi: "Not here either."

Eraqus: "Well, there’s a first."

Vor: "I wonder what’s going on."

Hermod: "This was pretty short notice."

Bragi: "We’re not here for class?"

Vor: "Master Odin."

Odin: "I did not gather you here for our usual class."

Xehanort (in narration): "The day I met the man in the robe, my world was turned upside down. But I got used to it eventually. Your world can change in an instant. Sometimes all it takes is a single step."


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