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Number XIV, Xion

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"Number XIV, Xion" is a cutscene in the high-definition remake of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

Story[edit | edit source]

Under orders from Saïx, Axel takes Roxas on his first mission. Axel notices Roxas looking at the newest member of the Organization, who Saïx reminds them is Number XIV, Xion. Axel then quizzes Roxas on his name and Xemnas's.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Saïx: "Teach him well, Axel."

Axel: "Don't worry. I'll be sure he makes the grade. Roxas, let's go. Hmm? What's wrong? You worried about the new kid? What was that name again..."

Saïx: "Number XIV, Xion."

Axel: "Right. I knew that."

Roxas: "Xion..."

Axel: "Got it memorized, Roxas?"

Roxas: "Yeah..."

Axel: "Yeah? How 'bout my name, then?"

Roxas: "Axel..."

Axel: "And how about our boss's name, huh?"

Roxas: "Xemnas..."

Axel: "No way you're gonna forget his name, right? Let's go."

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