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Transcript:Kingdom Hearts III/Chapter VIII: The Caribbean/A Stride for All of Us

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A Stride for All of Us is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts III.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Vexen: "Oh, how does he do it? A creature absent a heart and yet somehow able to keep existing... Not even my finest replica can claim that achievement. The secret must be in that box. I have to know what mysteries it contains."

Luxord: "I believe our orders were to find the box and seize it. No more. Put a leash on your runaway curiosity."

Vexen: "Always so shortsighted. Why would the Organization seek me out just as soon as I was recompleted— if not to affirm my intellectual prowess and invest in my research? Every stride I make is a stride for all of us."

Luxord: "Oh really? And what exactly are we striding towards?"

Vexen: "Luxord, do I detect... a hint of treachery in your words?"

Luxord: "What? Don't be absurd. But to be clear, I serve the Organization. I don't share your need to please Xemnas. He's good a wrapping you around his little finger— always has been."

Vexen: "All I desire is the freedom to continue my research. Ansem the Wise refused to nurture my talents. So I cast my lot with Xemnas— with Xehanort, rather. Simple as that."

Luxord: "I see. And you don't care how he uses your research?"

Vexen: "Not in the slightest. All that concerns me is that I complete the perfect human vessel."

Luxord: "That's all well and good. But I know this world better than you. Kindly stay out of the way."

Vexen: "Oh, of course. Considering those pests have shown up, I'd hardly get anything done."

Luxord: "I already know what to do with the "pests." Then you can resume your stuffy studies."

Vexen: "Ah, that's my boy. I'll be watching from the shadows, then."

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